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Mother speaks out about video of…

ABC-7 has spoken with the mother of the children involved in that video of a police officer pulling a gun on a group of kids.

The story starts well before video was rolling. Police say they were called out to a trespassing call on the 6700 block of Sambrano.

Elizabeth Flores, the mother of both the child being detained by officers in the video and the one recording the altercation, said the officer was choking her son. That is when older brother Julian Saucedo started recording.

“I see what’s going on, I see that he’s choking my son and when I go up to the officer he came at me and said ‘I told you to get back, get back!” Flores said.

That’s when she says her oldest son, Julian Saucedo, pulled out his phone and started recording. Flores can be seen in that video, wearing the white tank top.

Her middle son, 15-year-old Jacob Saucedo is the one being detained by police when the officer pulls his gun on the group of kids yelling.

She was handed the phone by the older son once the police officer walked toward him.

“He was trying to get the phone, he was trying to get the phone because he said it was evidence, now it’s his evidence and he needs the phone,” she said.

That’s when Flores turned and ran.

“I ain’t gonna hand over the phone, for what? And he’s like ‘Well I know where you live,’ he threatened me by saying ‘I know where you live’ and I ran,” Flores said.

Jacob, the one originally detained, is now at home.

Julian Saucedo, the son who was recording, was arrested.

Flores says she’ll work to have him released.

“It’s $300 to get him out. I have $200, I just need $100 more to get him out and I want him to come out and say his side of the story,” she said.

Flores said she plans to file a report against the officer.

The City has said an investigation into what happened is ongoing.

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