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Albuquerque hasn’t touched $250K to help asylum-seekers

Albuquerque’s $250,000 to support asylum-seekers passing through the city has remained untouched as officials say the flow of migrants has slowed.

The Albuquerque Journal reported Tuesday that the City Council approved the spending in May to reimburse organizations that temporarily host migrants as they make arrangements to meet up with relatives or sponsors.

The city reached agreements with five organizations to pay up to $2,000 per group of migrants hosted.

City Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs coordinator Mariela Ruiz-Angel says the number of people moving through the city slowed significantly by the time the contracts were completed.

The contracts run through the end of this year. Ruiz-Angel said they could be extended to June 2020.

City Councilor Pat Davis says the funding will eventually be needed to help asylum-seekers.



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