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Mother: Child left inside sweltering East El Paso daycare bus asleep, unattended

EL PASO, Texas - One El Paso mother is furious after learning her 7-year-old son was forgotten and left inside a sweltering daycare bus.

The incident happened Friday.

7-year-old Jason Escajeda had fallen asleep after being picked up from his elementary school and taken to the daycare center on the Eastside.

He woke up only to find he was locked inside the van.

Scared and confused, the boy managed to open the driver's side door of the bus and walked into the Wonder World Daycare center.

However, the boy's mother, Jennifer Escajeda, is upset because she says the daycare never informed her of the incident and only learned about it from her son.

Now she wants answers and action taken against that driver.

ABC-7 spoke with the daycare owner, Enrique Villalobos. He admits the daycare left Jason inside the daycare bus.

Villalobos vowed to review safety procedures at the daycare and address the problem with the employee whom the mother wants fired.

Escajeda says Children Protective Services or CPS is investigating to try to determine just how long the child was left inside the bus unattended.

ABC-7 was unable to verify that after hours, but will follow up with the agency.

Saul Saenz

El Paso native Saul Saenz is a veteran reporter who also hosts ABC-7 Extra.


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