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Huge turnout expected at Elephant Butte Lake this holiday weekend

People head to Elephant Butte Lake for the holiday weekend

ELEPHANT BUTTE LAKE, NM -- Triple-digit temperatures are expected throughout the Borderland this Memorial Day weekend and not even the rise of gas prices is keeping people cooped inside.

Visitors are expected to flock to Elephant Butte Lake, New Mexico's largest state park which accommodates family fun activities such as boating, hiking and camping.

Fishing guide Billy Jack Miller said, ”It’s happening and you can’t do anything about it. And to have a good time and be out on the lake. I’m a fishing guide so I have to buy the gas. It’s hard. I burn about twenty gallons a of gas a day on a guide. I’m used to paying three dollars now I’m paying five dollars.”

Others told ABC-7's Tom Scott the COVID-19 pandemic has kept them indoors and they are ready to venture out.

"Being that we haven’t been able to do anything in the last three years, we just wanted to get out and have a little bit of fun,” a lake goer said.

Despite the pandemic, soaring gas prices and worldly stressors, people are looking forward to taking the opportunity to unwind, cool down and enjoy the lake.

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