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Border Patrol agent from El Paso sector found dead along remote New Mexico trail

LORDSBURG, New Mexico -- A U.S. Border Patrol agent for the El Paso sector was found dead along a trail in a remote stretch of New Mexico's Hidalgo County, officials confirmed Saturday.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection, in a statement issued Saturday, identified the deceased agent as 26-year-old Johan Mordan.

CBP officials said Mordan was "working in the remote boot heel area of New Mexico when agents lost communications with him" on Thursday. After a brief search, he was found "unresponsive lying on a trail."

Efforts by fellow agents to revive Mordan were unsuccessful, officials said, and they were awaiting the results of an autopsy to determine his cause of death.

Mordan had been a Border Patrol agent since July of last year, the agency indicated.

CBP Acting Commissioner Mark Morgan in a tweet on Saturday said "it is with great sadness that we mourn the loss," adding that Mordan had "served his country and community with honor."

Mordan was the second border agent from the El Paso sector to die this year while on duty in the boot heel area of New Mexico. In January, 48-year-old Alfredo Nino was found unresponsive at a remote outpost in Animas.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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  2. Was he on drugs? How about we speak about the drug rehab allowed for CBP/LE? If he was on drugs the his life is devalued by mainstream. Who cares.

    1. I’m waiting for the dolt antifa to setup a CHAZ like Seattle in El Paso and show us how not to conduct a revolution. Oops! We forgot the guns, ammo, food and water. No money donations. Guns, ammo, food and water only. lmao.

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  3. There will always be scoundrels that talk the talk but never walk the walk. A young man has died and all we here from alberto muerto and his kind of how bad the BP and the police are. Such hatred spewed from their mouths. This type of misanthrope will never understand Dr Martin Luther King’s speech of judging someone over their character and not the color of their skin. BLM and the demokkkrats just are hateful fools that need to be defeated. Otherwise they will keep spewing their hate for those of us that want peace and equality for all.

    1. You are such a hypo-crite, Coco-nut. You are very selective about who you defend. He was on foot patrol in a very hot, dry and arid area. He might have passed away from dehydration or possibly heart related issues. Right away you make judgments based on race. Go back to your coco-nut shell and shut up.

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  7. All that childish back and forth ignores what is important here. How did this young public servant’s life end? The BP is caught in a political middle and they do a very difficult job. On one side you have anti-immigrant Nazi filth like the orange buffoon and on the other side you have real dangers to the nation that the BP works to curtail.

    1. mark you are such a fraud and hypocrite. First you say that what is important here is how this young man died. Then you come right back with your racist rant accusing Trump of being a Nazi Pelosi. Start with the real racists that posted their venom here first. That means you.

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