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8-year-old boy is latest migrant child found abandoned in southern New Mexico desert

LORDSBURG, New Mexico – For the second time in a week, U.S. Border Patrol agents said they had to rescue a migrant child abandoned in the southern New Mexico desert.

After the recent discovery of two young girls dropped over the border wall near Santa Teresa, the latest incident disclosed Wednesday involved an 8-year-old boy in the Lordsburg area.

The Border Patrol received a call about a group of migrants near Commodore Road in Lordsburg.

A women in that group had two children with her, but only one of the children was her own. She told agents that she found the 8-year-old boy walking aimlessly through the desert.

“Border Patrol Agents were able to locate and rescue a family and an abandoned child found along the way in a remote desert area in southern New Mexico,” said Border Patrol Sector Chief Gloria Chavez. “Thankfully, a mother found the unaccompanied minor and took him in as they made their way through the desert to the border."

The boy was taken to the migrant processing center at Hondo Pass in El Paso and will be placed with a shelter by the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement.

Shelby Montgomery

Las Cruces native Shelby Montgomery is an ABC-7 reporter who also co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



  1. What a fkn joke this is turning into. Biden needs to get the border under control and right the wrongs he caused! Kids alone in the dessert??

    1. Democrats don’t care about children. Abortion on demand, keep schools closed forever, and now this. For every kid that has made here with the cartels, how many were abused, assaulted, raped? For every kid that made it here, how many did not survive the journey?

    1. We have high credibility. We have been consistent from the start. Close the border, protect it and stop taking in other countries problems. The democraps are the ones with no credibility because they always play politics. Under Trump….”Kids are in cages….waaaaaahhhhhh”. Under Obama and now Harris….”Kids are in caages. Yeah so what?”.

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