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‘I don’t even know how to write a check’: Candidate stays in El Paso race despite bad checks arrest

Shawn Nixon
Shawnson Lacour Nixon's police mugshot.

EL PASO, Texas— Shawn Nixon says he’s been framed.

Nixon, a 21-year-old candidate running for El Paso City Council District 4, spoke to ABC-7 on Monday about his recent arrest on charges of theft of services.

Weststar Cleaning Services owner Salvador Espinoza said he was hired by
Nixon to clean his campaign office and do some minor alterations to the

Espinoza said Nixon used several different types of checks but none were any good.

“We did services for six weeks but he also requested additional services --
installation of tile in his offices, installation of a door. Also he wanted
some stuff removed so we did that,” Espinosa said.

The owner of the cleaning service told ABC-7 that Nixon sent him e-checks.

When Espinoza tried to cash them, the funds were not there.

Nixon allegedly gave Espinoza other checks that also were not cashable.

According to Espinoza, Weststar Cleaning Services quit after six weeks of
work due to the non-payment.

When the funds were not received after multiple collection attempts
Espinoza filed a police report and told Nixon's campaign manager, "OK look, tell Shawn if I don’t hear from him, I’m going to the police.”

Shaun Nixon responded by telling ABC-7: “I don't know nothing about those checks. I’m 21-years old and I don't know how to write a check. I don't even know nothing about checks. My campaign was basically run off of debit cards and cash. I never issued out any checks to nobody.”

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Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. As far as this dislocated brotha, remove him, pluck him, and send his ass back to Chicago. We don’t have room for this crap. He’s an embarrassment to his race.

  2. Bad check writing is or can be a disease like alcoholism. He needs to come up with a much better excuse than he has so far. He also needs to withdraw from the race and then make arrangements with Mr. Espinoza to pay him what is owed.

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