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Dallas man arrested for 4 slayings, including an El Paso teen, had a violent past

Jeremy Harris
Collin County jail mugshot
Accused serial killer Jeremy Harris.

DALLAS, Texas -- A Dallas man accused of killing a 19-year-old El Pasoan allegedly had a history of domestic violence, according to the Dallas Morning News.

31-year-old Jeremy Harris was arrested on Nov. 20.

He's accused of killing Jaden Urrea on Halloween in downtown Dallas.

Harris also faces murder charges for three other killings.

Urrea was a Coronado High School graduate, who was in Dallas attending Southern Methodist University.

Harris's violent history goes back to 2014, when the Dallas Morning News reports that he had violent encounter with his girlfriend.

That woman's father is one of the men Harris is accused of killing.

Police believe Urrea and the two other victims were targeted at random.

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  1. Making him look Muslim, charged with murder of a WASP White Christian school student defines the Islamophobia narrative per president Donald Trump. But! ‘Fortunately a Judge & Jury require more evidence than the Police & the Press’- Perry Mason

  2. I correct my previous assumption that going forward was not that stupid. He/she is more stupid and bigoted than I previously thought. The alleged killer is a diversity killer and fits the woke liberal crowd to a t and would gladly do away with the likes of foreword as well.

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