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El Paso boy receives black eye in school from alleged bully, ends up on the hospital operating table

Boy who suffered a swollen eye in an attack at school is seen in these photos supplied by his father.
Boy who suffered a swollen eye in an attack at school is seen in this photo supplied by his father.

EL PASO, Texas -- A local father seeks answers from the Socorro Independent School District after his six-year old son came home with a black eye earlier this week from an alleged bully. His son's eye injury worsened as the days went on, leading him to end up on a hospital operating table needing surgery to drain excess fluid from the injured eye.

"He said he was sitting in PE and the boy that hit him called out his name, he turned around and the kid hit him in the eye," the boy's father, Andrew Montelongo, said.

Montelongo's son Jared has not changed his story about being bullied since the incident occurred, and his father feels more needs to be done by the school district.

"Nobody seems to know or want to help us. I find it very infuriating, my child got hit in the eye and no one has answers at this point. It feels like (the school's) protecting someone who caused damage to my son. My son is sitting in the hospital suffering while the other kid only got one day of lunch detention," Montelongo said.

Montelongo called the El Paso Police Department looking to press charges against the other child, however police told him the alleged aggressor is too young to be charged with a crime. He then called the school police department, and to his surprise they told him the responsibility falls on the school and not the police department.

ABC-7 reached out to SISD looking for answers in this situation. While the district said it cannot comment directly, officials did say an internal investigation is underway.

"Right now the investigation is only a few days old… soon that conversation will happen with everyone involved so that communication is shared with the parents and we are able to move forward," Maribel Macias, the assistant superintendent for SISD said on the matter.

Both children in this case are only six-years old, so SISD indicated they would not be moved to an alternative campus due to their age.

Officials said it was also too early to tell if any disciplinary action would be taken as the investigation is still ongoing.

JC Navarrete

El Paso native JC Navarrete co-anchors ABC-7’s weekend newscasts and reports during the week.



  1. We need to be very careful about the language that we use. This situatiojn is clearly not ok. Let’s make that clear. I would even say it could be considered to be assault. But we live in a society where the word bullying is being tossed around like a football. The danger in that is that it diminishes the damage that actual bullying can do. We obviously don’t have details but as the situation is described it is an isolated incident that warrants disciplinary action. Bullying is an ongoing, power driven situation in which a student might come under complete “control’ of the bully. Bullying can be a dangerous situation and needs to be addressed. 2 kids getting in a fight is NOT bullying. A kid punching another kid in school is not be bullying (although sometimes it can be). This students needs to be punished for punching another kid in the face. No question about that. Hopefully this didn’t occur on one of those “positive reinforcement” campuses where kids who behave like that are given a piece of candy, told to “be nice” and sent back to class. Suspend the little turd and make it clear to his parents that if this type of behavior continues the student will be sent to Alternative.

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