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Texas Supreme Court allows school mask mandates to remain in place for now

Students wear masks in a socially-distanced school classroom.
Students wear masks in a socially-distanced school classroom.

AUSTIN, Texas -- The Texas Supreme Court has dismissed Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Gov. Greg Abbott’s request that it disallow mask mandates in Texas school districts — albeit on a technicality.

The state Supreme Court's order Thursday evening temporarily allows school districts to require face coverings because it leaves in place previous temporary restraining orders issued by a Travis County judge, whom Paxton wanted the high court to overrule. Justices cited a provision that typically requires matters to go to an appellate court before it reaches the state's highest civil court.

State District Judge Jan Soifer issued temporary restraining orders against Abbott’s ban on mask mandates, clearing the way for Harris County and eight school districts to enact their own mask-wearing rules. Soifer also barred Abbott from enforcing his order “against Texas independent school districts.” Abbott, who is vaccinated, tested positive for the coronavirus Tuesday but is not experiencing any symptoms.

In the past two weeks, Abbott and Paxton have sought to stem the tide of cities, counties and school districts challenging the governor’s pandemic executive order and putting their own mask mandates in place. Paxton’s office argued to the state’s Supreme Court that the patchwork of local mask mandates was causing “mass confusion” in Texas.

While Abbott and Paxton have had a few legal victories in temporarily removing some mask mandates, those victories have been short-lived. The high court has allowed the many legal challenges to continue playing out.

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  1. You mean Paxton submitted a case that was out of legal procedures again? Like his SCOTUS case? Can we get a state AG that actually knows the law? Obviously Paxton doesn’t know the law. Cornyn is missed. At least he read a law book or two and, nicely, was not under indictment every day.

          1. Wow. You lie. Alberto delusional as ever. Graduated from what? You seriously need to get back on your meds. BTW – What is your SBN? So you can be reported.

  2. Bideisourpresident has the mental IQ of a middle schooler. How would he know anything about the law. Leave the intelligent conversations to the grownups like Ressler and Charlie.

    1. Good to see I am in your head rent free nitwit. I’m not lying and claiming to be a lawyer like you nitwit. Impersonating a lawyer is a criminal offense in Texas. So keep at it fool.

  3. This guy, Paxton, has more political liability baggage than a 747. Former SCOTX justice Eva Guzman, or Bush Jr. are going to replace this corrupt dunderhead come next election. They are, of course Going to walk the Conservative Texan plank. But at least they will not be facing multiple criminal and ethical accusations for the next 20 years. Like…let me see…a guy named Trump?

  4. Bidenisourpresident needs to be reported to the nearest Psych Hospital. He wasn’t supposed to be out past his 72 hour special Nutty Permit to see the town.

    1. Your time? Good laugh. All you do is spend your useless time 24/7 ranting on the Internet. Your 2am insomnia psycho rants are the funniest.

  5. They won’t take comment on Paxtons remarks about Black Americans not getting the shot and they called him “racist”. The facts are the Black Americans are the least inoculated ethnicity in the USA and he stated it as such, so what makes the facts “racist”? The liberals have used that term to death ad it’s getting to where people are’nt even listening anymore. The coward’s at KVIA are still nothing more than a liberal shill’s

  6. Patrick just adding fuel to the White population’s general feeling of Malaise toward Blacks. These low vaccination rates among Blacks is responsible for only 12 percent of Covid19 cases among them. While Covid cases in Whites is nearly 35 percent. Skewing statistics to blame Blacks for America’s ills is nothing new. Patrick’s red neck bigoted views are only meant to please Abbott and his political ambitions.

  7. Statistics are like Rorschach test. Every test taker will come to a different conclusion as what the outcome should be. But numbers never lie, and the Statistic will either have a positive or negative outcome regarding the subject at hand. Patrick chose to use the latter.

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