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2 Canutillo ISD schools returning to remote learning due to Covid outbreaks

CANUTILLO, Texas -- The Canutillo Independent School District said it would be temporarily closing Canutillo Middle School and Jose Damian Elementary School due to Covid-19 outbreaks.

A spokeswoman for the school district told ABC-7 that students from both schools would be returning to remote learning because of an increase in coronavirus cases reported on their campuses.

The two schools will also undergo a disinfection process on Friday, according to the district.

Word of the Covid spikes comes after ABC-7 recently reported that Canutillo schools were desperately looking to fill numerous custodian vacancies; officials said the shortage was forcing them to rotate janitorial staff among the schools, with some parents complaining of dirty classrooms.

"My son has actually tested positive for Covid and I blame the school," said Katie, a parent and a former substitute teacher at Jose Damian Elementary, who asked that her last name not be used.

She told ABC-7 that six teachers had Covid-19 last week, some of whom she was exposed to. Because of this, both she and her 5-year-old son began quarantining. Five days later, she said her son tested positive for Covid and went to the hospital.

"He had a fever of 105.3 degrees last week, his cough, he was throwing up - he had probably the worst symptoms that I've seen with Covid," she said,

According to the school district's Covid-19 dashboard, there were a total of 87 cases reported during the week of Nov. 1. That's an increase Katie claims is the school district's fault due to a lack of janitors.

"Teachers were sweeping and mopping their own classrooms," she said. "Classes weren't being cleaned for like a week at a time, bathrooms weren't being cleaned, so I wasn't surprised. If nothing is being cleaned, what do you expect to happen?"

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.

Rachel Phillips



    1. Warned about what nitwit? Ineffective vaccines and a bogus mask mandate? The article never blamed lack of masks or vaccines that you push. It blamed lack of janitors and disinfecting. BTW – Almost 4500 breakthrough cases in El Paso now with 35 deaths and 275 hospitalized. Try to spin that moron.

    2. The only science these moron liberal judges and politicians are looking at is the political science. Masks, lockdowns and vaccines have made things worse. They don’t work for this virus. Biden has already doubled the number of cases that Trump had. Thus is now a virus of the VACCINATED.

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