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El Paso Animal Services accused of inhumane conditions, with dogs killing each other at shelter

PETA Allegations
Dog is shown with blood all over its snout.
PETA Allegations
Photo shows dog with wounds in its back.
PETA Allegations
A dog is shown with one leg severely wounded, possibly eaten by another dog, which is standing bloodied nearby.
PETA Allegations
A dog is shown with blood dripping down its chest.
PETA Allegations
Dog is shown with blood on it's chest and paws, with blood on the floor nearby.

EL PASO, Texas - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, or PETA, says inhumane conditions at the El Paso Animal Services shelter is causing dogs to fight and kill each other.

In a letter posted Friday, PETA posted graphic photos allegedly given to them by a whistleblower at the El Paso Animal Services shelter.

The organization says it asked the police department to investigate in August.

The letter says, "In August, PETA received whistleblower reports that dogs were being found unresponsive or dead in their kennels after having been mauled by other dogs—sometimes within hours of arriving at the facility."

It continues to say, "A whistleblower told PETA that dogs too aggressive to interact safely with staff or to be released to the public were apparently housed for months—with no expectation of adoption—in order to avoid euthanasia."

The organization is blaming the city's efforts to become a no-kill shelter. PETA Senior Vice President Daphna Nachminovitch says, "It is not ‘no kill’ but ‘slow kill’ when dogs are so stressed and crowded that they maul each other to death."

PETA says they have urged the city council and Mayor Dee Margo to step in.

The city issued a response Friday, saying, "El Paso Animal Services is aware of recent claims made by a national advocacy group that depict false allegations related to the housing and care of animals at the Animal Services Center. The accusations have no merit."

But, they did confirm that the photos were taken at the El Paso Animal Services shelter. The city then added, "An investigation found that the dog in the photo was injured by either its kennel mate or a neighboring mate. Once medical staff was notified, the dog was immediately humanely euthanized."

The photos show several dogs and the city's statement does not specify which dog they are referring to.

ABC-7 has reached out to the Animal Services shelter for further clarification.

The El Paso Police Department also responded, saying, "An investigation was conducted by the EPPD and no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing was found."

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Trisha Garcia

Trisha Garcia is an ABC-7 producer.


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  1. I am as animal rights as it gets. However, I go off and on to Animal Services and I know they care for the animals. I know they do. From the people at the front desk, adoptions, the veterinarian, the volunteers, the people who catch the dogs. I am there that they probably know me by face. I know they are not doing this on purpose and things happen.. That is why Animal Services needs each and every one of us in El Paso and the surrounding areas. We need to adopt, give donations, and raise awareness. If you already have a dog, why not another as a companion. I believe in them so much that I am using my real name.. I hope conditions improve for all the animals there, but animal services can’t do it alone.They need us.. Maybe they need more space and city council can approve something for them

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