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El Paso International Airport aims at promoting positivity with ‘The Elevate Love Project’

EL PASO, Texas-- The El Paso International Airport is hoping to spread some positive energy throughout their terminals one motivational mantra at a time.

"The idea behind the Elevate Love Project is just this one little thought that will be able to help someone a little bit," said Asa Aguilar, Education and Graphics Specialist for the El Paso International Airport and the creative mind behind its latest initiative, Elevate Love.

"This project actually came from one of our staff members. They had an idea to start writing some kinds of love letters and motivational quotes for our passengers during this difficult time," said Aguilar. "So, this project was essentially elevated into this larger than life thing."

Airport staff are hoping business cards with motivational quotes written on them will help elevate people's spirits as they make their way to the El Paso International Airport.

"We're ultimately hoping to make someone's day. To give them something to smile about," said Aguilar.

Anyone can submit a positive quote through the airports website.

"We have a link where people can submit their quotes and their positive mantras," explained Aguilar, "And we take them and we put them on our social media sites and digital screens in hopes to continue elevating the love throughout our terminal and throughout our community."

People from across the nation have shared their positive quotes, but it was one specific quote from an El Pasoan that has meant the most to Aguilar. The quote read, "Contento Y Feliz."

"And they included a small story about something their father would always say," explained Aguilar, "and their father passed away recently and it was so special for them to be able to share this with us."

For Aguilar, this new initiative is important now more than ever.

"During these times is especially important to continue elevating the love," Aguilar said, "Travel is necessary for some people and we do want to make this experience as positive and safe as they have to go through our terminal."

If you would like to share your motivational quotes, click here.

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