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El Paso

Lack of El Paso home construction during pandemic fuels increase in property valuations, taxes

EL PASO, Texas -- The release of this year's new El Paso property valuations from the Central Appraisal District has renters and property owners contacting ABC-7 with their frustrations and fears of losing their homes and businesses.

El Paso's Chief Appraiser Dinah Kilgore told ABC-7 on Thursday that due to the lack of new homes being built during the pandemic, housing prices have now gone up exponentially.

"If you do not like the decision: Protest, protest, protest," Kilgore said.

El Paso business owner Jason Pedregon told ABC-7 that since Covid-19 restrictions shut down businesses last year, only 50% of members have returned to the gyms that he owns.

He said the increase in rent due to the property values going up will hurt him tremendously.

"How can I protest the property value going up when I do not own the property?" a frustrated Pedregon asked.

The head appraiser with El Paso's CAD suggested those in Pedregon's situation check their lease agreements for any type of language addressing the raising of property values or taxes, which might provide a possible way to fight the increase.

As for property owners, the CAD offers a mechanism to protest valuations and now you can do it electronically.

The deadline to do it is May 15 or 30 days from your appraisal notice.

For a video explaining how the appraisal protest process works, click here.

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Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.



  1. Blame it on the current rulers of El Paso and their paranoid liberal minds that our taxes are going up because they failed to act responsibly. Keep record El Paso on the next election cycle.

  2. There should be no connection between lack of new housing and the tax rate on existing housing. Those who propose same should be placed in the county jail until their terms on the various governing entities expire.

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