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State sends downtown El Paso historic district proposal to feds for consideration

A Texas state historical landmark medallion.
Wikimedia Commons
A Texas state historical landmark medallion.

EL PASO, Texas -- The Texas Historical Commission has forwarded a nomination to the National Park Service for a downtown El Paso historic district, requesting that the federal agency determine if it is eligible for listing given opposition from some building owners.

"This is an extraordinarily important historic district, and we appreciate your consideration," wrote Texas State Historic Preservation Officer Mark Wolfe in a letter this month to the NPS, which oversees the National Register of Historic Places.

The proposed historic district, which would include the contentious Duranguito neighborhood, has been spearheaded by El Paso County. It has drawn the written opposition of over a hundred downtown property owners, which has been provided to the park service alongside the application to create the district.

The area sought to be included on the national historic register encompasses El Paso’s Central Business District and adjacent Duranguito, consisting of 143 acres and 174 buildings.

Duranguito has been the subject of ongoing controversy, debate and lawsuits for years over the City of El Paso's plans to build an arena there. Former Mayor Dee Margo had lobbied to keep Duranguito out of the proposed historic district, while current Mayor Oscar Leeser has signaled the arena is not a priority item on his agenda.

Mark Osborn of the Kemp Smith law firm, who represents numerous downtown property owners on a pro-bono basis, has said their opposition isn't about Duranguito - but rather they are worried that being part of an historic district would subject them to added regulations when it comes to any renovation work on their buildings.

Below is the state's letter to the federal government submitting the proposed historic district for a determination.

Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. “This is an extraordinarily important historic district, and we appreciate your consideration,”
    So purportedly, Pancho Villa took a piss on one of the dilapidated buildings and that makes it historic? Will you be preserving his piss? Hell, Cortez took a dump by a tree in the middle of El Paso and you folks tore it down. Why don’t you restore that?

  2. I’ve only lived in El Paso for 7 years now, so I probably don’t have the most objective view. My opinion: Why tear down buildings to erect a multi-purpose venue into an already overcrowded area. Even going downtown only occasionally, it’s always a hassle to find parking. I avoid downtown like the plague! As I understand it, people living around SW University Park have to pay for decals which allow them to park in front of their own homes! Adding an “Arena” would be like shoveling 10# of manure into a 5# bag. Again my opinion: the City passed up a major opportunity when it sold Cohen Park to developers. It would have been the perfect spot for their arena.

    1. Unfortunately common sense is not a virtue of our governing fathers. Put a little cash in their kitty and they will bend to the will of the Soros types. Soros is more interested in buying judges but his money trickles down to the elected officials to do his will.

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