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El Paso

Sun Metro proposing fare increases for 1st time in over decade

EL PASO, Texas -- Sun Metro is proposing increasing El Paso's bus fare prices for the first time in over a decade and is looking for feedback from riders.

The standard bus fare is currently $1.50 per trip and would rise to $2 under the proposal. Senior citizen fares would rise from 30 cents to a dollar.

Sun Metro is hosting virtual town halls for the public to share their thoughts and concerns. They already held two meetings earlier this month. The next ones are Wednesday at 5:30 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m.

The public can participate in those meetings either online or via phone:

  • ·       Zoom link:
  • ·       Or by dialing in to (915) 233-0020 (no participant code needed)

In a press release, Sun Metro said it was considering increasing prices "to be able to support system investments that will improve transit services." The bus fares have held steady for roughly 15 years, public transit officials indicated.

"We encourage the community to participate in these town halls because this is the first time in years that Sun Metro is looking at making changes to its fare structure," Ellen Smyth, the Sun Metro's managing director, said in a statement.

She said bus riders who are unable to participate in a town hall, may learn more about the proposed fare hikes by contacting Sun Metro’s Customer Service Center at (915) 212-3333 or online at

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Dylan McKim


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  1. Let’s see…the impoverished ride the bus yet they want to charge them 33% more. Way to go Sun Metro I’m sure the bus riding community appreciates your greed.

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