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El Paso group seeks health care workers and everyday people to volunteer for EP MedCorps

EL PASO, Texas - The Paso del Norte Health Foundation is spearheading a volunteer effort called EP MedCorps to prepare El Paso for any health care crisis. EP MedCorps is looking for volunteers.

There is no age requirement to participate. EP MedCorps welcomes everyone. They do ask for your date of birth in case the entity coordinating the emergency response has an age requirement. You can give as little or as much time as you can spare.

Aside from volunteers who provide direct patient care, EP MedCorps is also interested in finding individuals with hospital experience to help with administration, record keeping, food services, communications, environmental services, IT, maintenance, and other important support areas. If you have ever worked in a hospital, you are encouraged to apply.

EP MedCorps is also looking for volunteers without health care experience.
Some non-clinical areas of volunteering include, but are not limited to data entry, cooking or serving food, housekeeping, creating graphics and materials such as maps, moving supplies, and security. Even if you do not have experience in these areas, but want to help your community, you are encouraged to apply.

Retired or inactive physicians and other health care providers are encouraged to volunteer. The Texas Medical Board and the Texas Board of Nursing have been directed by Governor Abbott to fast-track temporary licenses for out-of-state physicians, retired physicians, physician assistants and nurses. Retired physicians seeking to apply for licensure must have been placed on retired status no more than two years ago and have left the practice in good standing.

Anyone who is interested should call the recruitment number (915) 242-0676 or email The team will take your information and provide it to any entities coordinating emergency responses in our community. They will contact you when your skills are needed.

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