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Fort Bliss organizing community search effort for soldier missing since July

Richard Halliday
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Richard Halliday

UPDATE: Fort Bliss officials are now organizing a community search effort for a missing soldier.

Those wishing to participate in the effort can meet at 8 a.m. Wednesday at Franklin Mountains State Park to look for Pvt. Richard Halliday, officials said.

ORIGINAL REPORT: El Paso, Texas – Fort Bliss officials are asking for the public’s help in locating a missing soldier who has been classified as absent without leave since July.

Fort Bliss continues to classify Pvt. Richard Halliday, who is assigned to the 32nd Army Air and Missile Defense Command, as AWOL, but says evidence now suggests that he left Fort Bliss “earlier than previously reported.”

Fort Bliss officials say the installation and his unit have conducted active searches for him both on and off post.

“However, we are widening and increasing our search to include in and around El Paso,” the statement read.

Anyone with information about Halliday or his whereabouts is urged to call the Fort Bliss Military Police desk at (915) 744-1237.

Halliday's family has set up a GoFundMe Page to help with the costs associated with search efforts.

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