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Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association brings Christmas spirit to Ambrosio Guillen Veterans Home

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The Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association arrives at the Ambrosio Guillen Veterans Home.

EL PASO, Texas - The roar of motorcycles could be heard making their way into the Ambrosio Guillen Veterans Home on Saturday as dozens of members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association came to drop off some good cheer.

“We just wanted to come out and give them some gifts and love and knock on some windows and let them know we are still riding and supporting them," said Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association chapter commander Jeffrey Cortes.

Love and high morale was the mission of those men and women from the CVMA as they dropped off the gift donations that had been raised from around the community.

It was a visit that made them think of who they’ll have to help them through their own golden years.

“It gives me hope that down the road if I maybe end up in one of these veterans homes hopefully people will think of me around Christmas and come visit," said Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association member Jeremy Olhorn.

They waved to the residents inside and while shouting through windows, they promised to return during less hectic times.

“Absolutely, hopefully we can come back around in January with the vaccine coming we will be able to physically visit with the veterans of all these branches," said Cortes

The donations are one thing but most important is trying to fill a social void left by the virus as there will be no family visits there this year.

“But with the pandemic crisis happening across the country and especially here in El Paso, it is important because they do not have their families and we recognize that," Cortes said.

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