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Texas Marine among 13 U.S troops killed in Kabul attack

U.S. Marine David Lee Espinoza.

LAREDO, Texas -- A Marine from Laredo is one of the 13 U.S. service members killed in Thursday's attack at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan, family members said Friday.

20-year-old David Lee Espinoza was among those that fell victim to the explosions, making the ultimate sacrifice for his country and dying a hero.

The loss has hit his family deeply.

"But I am proud of him, of what he did. But as a mother, you know, it's hard, but he did serve, he did do what he wanted, but it's hard," said Elizabeth Holguin, with tears in her eyes.

Holguin is trying to make sense of the death of her son. She received a phone call at 2:30 a.m. from the military to inform her that he had been taken from her family during the explosions in Afghanistan.

"He was a great kid. Never had trouble with him or nothing. I mean, he never got in trouble. He was a great guy. Great guy, very proud of him," said Espinoza's stepfather, Victor Manuel Dominguez.

Dominguez entered Espinoza's life at the age of three and saw him as his own.

"He was never my stepson and I was never his stepfather," Dominguez said.

Espinoza was a graduate of LBJ High School in laredo and was the oldest of four children

He was stationed in Jordan for two years and then transferred to Kabul just a week ago.

Holguin has a simple message to those mothers who have children deployed overseas: "Just pray. Pray, and, and hopefully they'll come back."

The family will be meeting with the military soon to discuss funeral arrangements.

Meantime, the Laredo Police Department is paying respect to the fallen Marine by lowering the flag outside the police headquarters to half-staff in Espinoza's honor




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