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Jury finds ex-cop Derek Chauvin guilty of murder of George Floyd

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota — Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted Tuesday of second-degree and third-degree murder as well as second-degree manslaughter for pinning George Floyd to the pavement with his knee on the Black man’s neck in a case that touched off worldwide protests, violence and a furious reexamination of racism and policing in the U.S.

Chauvin, 45, could be sent to prison for up to 40 years. His sentencing hearing will be in eight weeks.

The jury of six white people and six Black or multiracial ones came back with its verdict of guilty on all charges after about 10 hours of deliberations over two days. The jurors identities were kept secret and will not be released until the judge decides it is safe to do so.

Chauvin's face was obscured by a Covid-19 mask, and little reaction could be seen beyond his eyes darting around the courtroom as the verdict was read. Upon being found guilty, prosecutors asked that Chauvin's bail be revoked, which was granted by the judge. The former officer was escorted from the courtroom with his hands cuffed behind his back when proceedings concluded.

The verdict was announced in a courthouse ringed with concrete barriers and razor wire and patrolled by National Guard troops, in a city on edge against another round of unrest — not just because of the Chauvin case but because of the deadly police shooting of a young Black man, Daunte Wright, in a Minneapolis suburb April 11.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz released a statement on Facebook after the verdict was read, calling it an “important step forward for justice in Minnesota.” However, he noted, the death of Wright is a reminder that “our work has only begun.”

“A year later, Derek Chauvin has been found guilty of murder and faces years behind bars,” Walz wrote. “But we know that accountability in the courtroom is only the first step.”

“No verdict can bring George back, and my heart is with his family as they continue to grieve his loss. Minnesota mourns with you, and we promise the pursuit of justice for George does not end today,” he continued.

“True justice for George only comes through real, systemic change to prevent this from happening again,” Walz said. “And the tragic death of Daunte Wright this week serves as a heartbreaking reminder that we still have so much more work to do to get there.”

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    1. The only coward appearing today was Chauvin. The other cowards were the other officers who stood by while this murder occurred. They will soon receive justice at the hands of the people of Minnesota.

    2. So all the police officers who testified for the prosecution were cowards and were wrong? The verdict was correct. The only coward in the court room was convicted of murder today. There’s no winners in this anyway.

    1. Hey Charlie. Goofy “mad” Mike doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground. He doesn’t know anything about politics Socialism, Communism, or Socialism and probably thinks Political Science is some Science made up by CNN. He is lucky he is not a Cop in 2121 because if he was he wouldn’t be able to get away with shit he did when he was a Cop back in the day. BLACK LIVES MATTER, BLACK LIVES MATTER, BLACK LIVES MATTER!! Another Killer Cop bites the Dust. Bye Bye Chauvin good luck surviving Penitentiary Life🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

    2. Socialism = Stimulus, forgiving student loans, free community college, Obamacare (which I’m in favor of), Medicare (which I’m in favor of) and SOCIAL Security (which I’m in favor of).

    A police uniform, gun, and badge does not excuse you from shooting people without cause, nor does it give you the right to step on a man’s neck until he is DEAD!! JUSTICE HAS BEEN DONE AND WE ARE ALL BETTER FOR IT. LONG LIVE LADY JUSTICE!!!!!!

      1. Sure thing pal. Chauvin is still alive until he gets a daily beating from his prison pals. Then he won’t last 2 years before he hangs himself. Why don’t you start a prison Pen Pal account with him and send him Ramen money. I’m sure he will love you for it.

    1. Mistrials are declared by a judge upon a motion by one of the parties to a legal controversy but that must happen prior to a jury rendering a verdict. A verdict has already been rendered in this case.

      1. In this case assuming arguendo that one of the parties moved for a mistrial prior to the verdict being returned, the judge would have had no choice but to deny said motion because there was no cause for a mistrial.

  2. Goofy Mike thinks there’s going to be a mistrial. Don’t hold your breath, dumb ass. Don’t you get tired of always being WRONG. Fuck Chauvin the killer Cop, and Fuck you for supporting him. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!

  3. Floyds family gets 27 million dollars, and Chauvin will get 40 years in prison. And in Chauvin’s mind Floyd will always be with him until the day he himself dies. The day you die nobody will give a shit. Matter of fact they’ll be glad your sorry carcass is rotting six feet under.

  4. There IS no Mistrial in the Chauvin vs The State, dumbass Mike. Twelve jurors unanimously agreed that Chauvin is guilty on ALL THREE COUNTS. How is there going to be a mistrial? Oh yeah, the Twelve jurors are going to ask the judge to hold a trial all over again(double jeopardy) and come back with a mistrial. Are you Stupid or what?? Maybe you are just crying in you beer and can’t think straight right now. Take a cold shower and SOBER up.

    1. You kiddin’ man? Maxine and Biden were fools to do what they did only days before the verdict. I couldn’t care less about any of the characters in this fiasco in Minneapolis but 2 of THE HIGHEST members of world politics doing that will certainly raise the odds of a new trial.

      1. New trial???? Repeat after me…..there is no legal way for a NEW trial to take place…there is no way in hell there can be a NEW??trial. You idiots are always wrong, and probably still think Trump is the President!!! I bet if it was your grandmother who died under Chauvin’s knee you would still say Chauvin was innocent of murder because your grandmother’s senility caused her murder.

  5. You Appalchian mountain rejects better stop dreaming that Chauvin will not be sentenced to Prison. He ass is Done. And no matter how much you bitch and moan, you Racist Motherfuckers can’t do anything about it. BLACK LIVES MATTER!!!!!!

  6. I hope he is. He deserves to be. I just wish the democrats were punished when they commit crimes as well. Maxipad Waters committed a crime, multiple times and is still allowed to not only remain in Congress but to still walk the streets. Incompetent black democrat liberal privilege I guess.

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  8. I have no doubt that the officer will win on appeal. The president, a congresswoman, the governor and mayor all influenced the jury, before, during the trial.

    1. Since you have no legal training, you are not able to discern reversible error from what transpired via the media. The chances of such a reversible error occurring during this trial are slim and none. The Minnesota AG’s office did their homework.

  9. You comment everyday about things that you know NOTHING about. You act like you know everything when in reality yoi don’t know anything. You think that Joe Biden is an honorable man when EVERYONE including his democratic handlers know he is a corrupt, senile, incompetent, bought and paid for criminal which proves your level of stupidity. Madmike has an extensive law enforcement background and knows more about this matter than you

    1. Kiss ass Granny Maga at it again. Menso Mike was a cop, so what. Anybody with good credit, no criminal offenses, and half a brain can qualify for the Police department. Just look at Chauvin.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    1. Let’s see, alberto, I was a county cop, a city cop and served 20 plus years in a federal law enforcement agency. Not to mention 20 years in the Army. YOU, got thrown out of the Navy, have had no real career, live in Section 8 subsidized housing, and make minimum wage. You are quite successful, aren’t you?

  10. The days when Police departments were run by dirty cops with a Code of Silence(Cosa Nostra) are over!! No other job in the world has a job description of killing innocent people without consequences, so why should cops be any different! Unfortunately it will take deaths of many more innocent people and hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation before any meaningful police Reform will take place.

  11. Chauvin’s conviction will be overturned upon appeal. During the trial, the mayor, governor, Waters, and the president making statements towards the jury.

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