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An incident Thursday morning at Ft. Meade was a training exercise

Main entrance to US Army Post, Fort George G. Meade, MD.
Wikimedia Commons
Main entrance to US Army Post, Fort George G. Meade, MD.

By Liam Reilly, CNN

An incident at Ft. Meade in Maryland Thursday morning was in fact a drill, according to a public affairs officer.

Public Affairs at Ft. Meade are investigating why incorrect information was given to media outlets, including CNN.

After multiple news reports surfaced regarding an active shooter at Fort Meade in Maryland, a public affairs officer confirmed to CNN that there was an incident with multiple casualties.

When CNN called back for further information, a different representative at Fort Meade informed CNN that the incident was actually a planned training exercise.

CNN has not been given an explanation as to why the erroneous information was given out by Fort Meade, and why we were not informed this was a planned exercise when CNN initially called.

“The information you received this morning was part of our training exercise and we are looking into what happened,” Sherry Kuiper, chief of community relations at Fort Meade, told CNN.

The NSA subsequently tweeted that this was a “regularly-planned security exercise underway.”

This story has been updated to reflect corrected information from Ft. Meade that the incident was a drill.

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