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El Pasoan who knows Tiger from PGA Tour hopes one of ‘best athletes in history’ can return to golf

EL PASO, Texas -- There is still a lot we don't know about what Tuesday's serious car crash means for golf legend Tiger Woods going forward.

But naturally most are wondering when and if he'll be able to return to the golf course.

ABC-7 caught up with Fred Albers a former KVIA sports director who currently works for PGA Tour Radio.

He said it will be a tough road back for Woods as he begins his recovery.

"Tiger is so single-minded and so strong that if anyone could come back from fractures he could. But we gotta remember, Tiger's 45. People talk about Ben Hogan coming back from his accident in 1949. Ben was 36 when that happened. There's a huge difference between 45 and 36. It's going to be very, very difficult for tiger if he was pain free to win majors at 45," Albers observed.

Albers said he's walked with Woods on golf courses for about 100 rounds, and has interviewed him about 50 times one-on-one.

He said he's noticed a real change in Woods since he turned 40, making more of an effort with the media and befriending some of his competitors.

And Albers offers this added perspective on how he's seen the more personal side of Woods lately.

"Tiger was so nice when I turned 60. He signed a picture. I didn't ask him to do it. Someone said Freddy is turning 60. He signed a picture, 'Happy Birthday, Fred. Enjoy the 60th!' I mean how nice is that to do that unprompted and give me that," Albers explained.

He continued, "Tiger is one of the great players, not in golf, but one of the best athletes in the history of sports. Every time I walk with Tiger or talk with Tiger, I remind myself it's like talking with Babe Ruth, it's like talking with Magic Johnson, with Michael Jordan, Ali. I feel so privileged I've gotten to talk with him and get to know him a little bit through the years."

And proof of that greatness is in the numbers.

Woods is currently tied with Sam Snead for the most career golf wins at 82.
Albers said he was hoping to walk Augusta National with Woods in April when he covers the Masters for PGA Tour Radio.

But it's now unclear when Woods will be back in playing form, if ever.

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