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Packers’ Aaron Jones makes good on postseason shoe giveaway pledge with El Paso school kids

EL PASO, Texas -- It’s not everyday an NFL superstar comes to your school, let alone gives you a pair of shoes, but for students at El Paso's Hawkins Elementary that’s exactly what happened. 

Aaron and Alvin Jones as part of their A&A Foundation gave 60 deserving and lucky students a pair of brand new Adidas shoes on Friday. 

During the Green Bay Packers 2020 postseason run, the No. 33 for Green Bay and former UTEP star Aaron Jones pledged to give away as many shoes as yards he put on. 

"They may not necessarily know who I am but as they get older they'll know,” Jones said of the students. “It's just a joy to see the smiles put on their faces and them running up to get their shoes."

Anahi Lopez, a 5th grader was one of the lucky ones.

“If I had to choose a percent I would say infinity,” Lopez said. “I’m really grateful that they gave it to me.”

The Jones brothers plan on giving out more shoes in the coming weeks as a way of honoring their late father and continuing on his tradition of helping the community.

"We've been taught when you're blessed you bless others,” Jones said. “We're going to continue being involved in our community and giving back anyway we can."

Rachel Phillips



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    1. El Pasoans with class. Love it. This is the kind of story we need here. Successful people giving back to the community not taking it away.

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