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Las Cruces Police release produced video explaining what led officer to shoot 75-year-old woman

Video produced by LCPD
OIS pointing gun 2
OIS pointing gun

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico -- Las Cruces police released a pre-produced video explaining the moments that led up to an officer shooting a 75-year-old woman Saturday.

The video shows Amelia Baca's confrontation with an officer. In one still image taken from the officer's body camera, she's shown holding what appears to be two knives: one in each hand.

According to Las Cruces police, she transfers both knives to her right hand, does not comply with the officer's command to drop the knives, and moves towards the officer.

That's when, as the video explains, the officer discharged his weapon.

ABC-7 asked for the full unedited video earlier this week. But that has yet to be provided.

According to police, the officer involved is currently assigned to the patrol division, has nine years of service with Las Cruces Police Department, and has more than 70 hours of Crisis Intervention Training beyond what he received at the police academy.

Before the release of this video, the ACLU of New Mexico called for an investigation into the incident.

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  1. If NM residents are required to flee before shooting anyone in your home then why aren’t the police forced to go outside and wait for better help? IDC if she had two knives they can’t get outside and make room to deploy a taser or use physical force? If you are in your twenties and in shape but doubt your ability to disarm a 75yo demented, slow, physically weak, woman then you need to get a new job. There are some police encounters I can understand but NONE of this sits well with me. Police need to stay outside, the officer went inside and put himself in the danger zone then used that action to justify his shot. If you gave me a club I’d take on any senior citizen with a knife

    1. after watching the video again the officer should face charges. He never attempts to move away from the lady or off the porch. They are gonna say the kids were in danger even though that is not shown in the video. Bad shot from the officer, lets see what the police who investigate the police say about this one

      1. You just proved my point, thanks. You ended up with a scar and prob handled the situation without anyone getting killed. Would you have the scar had you a club to fight him with?

        1. I did have an expandable baton, it didn’t matter. Until you go to a police academy and do road time, I sure as hell don’t need your advice.

          1. Knives are deadly weapons, you deal with an attack with deadly weapons with deadly force.

          2. I wasn’t giving any advice. Thanks again for helping my argument. If you did that as a cop then you did really well not killin to old coot, good work. Even though you say knives are deadly weapons (which they are) and deadly force to counter them is warranted, YOU chose otherwise and didn’t kill anyone. I say that’s a win-win. I would say you handled it well. Best part of all this is you have your opinion and I have mine and Charlie Turner is still a d0uchE

  2. This might have been suicide by cop. May not seem plausible but living with dementia knowing she was gonna be a body without a brain in the near future she may have just said fck it.

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