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2 El Paso women found dismembered in Juarez; Second pair of women found dumped in bags

Two El Paso women were found dismembered in Juarez on Sunday, Jan. 16.
A second pair of women were found in bags in Juarez on Monday, Jan. 17. One woman was alive, but later died.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Chihuahua – Four women were killed in juarez in the past three days, including two women from El Paso. The remains of the El Paso women were found in bags dumped in Juarez on Sunday. The women were reportedly dismembered. According to Canal 44, the women have been identified as Julissa Ramirez and Nohemi Medina Martinez. They are believed to be in their late twenties.

Police found a second pair of women in bags dumped in a different neighborhood on Monday.

One woman in the second discovery was found dead at the scene. The second woman was found alive, crying. According to Juarez officials, she later died.

According to El Diario, the women were both tortured and shot. They were discovered in the Cuauhtémoc y Nombre de Dios intersection in the Patria-Zaragoza neighborhood.

El Diario reports the women were 30 and 35 years in age; both remain unidentified.

El Diario reports this brings the number of homicide victims for the year to 65, with 11 of the victims being women.

This is a developing story.

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  1. Another sad thing is that whoever did this will probably never face justice. Women have been killed for years in Juarez with no one ever being held liable. No excuse for it.

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