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Guillén family celebrates passage of federal, state laws to combat sexual assault

Murdered soldier Vanessa Guillen from Fort Hood, Texas.
ABC News
Murdered soldier Vanessa Guillen from Fort Hood, Texas.

HOUSTON, Texas – The family of Venessa Guillén gathered in Houston Thursday to celebrate the passage of the federal and state legislation to combat sexual assault in the armed forces.

Guillén was a Fort Hood Army specialist who disappeared in April 2020. Her remains were found along the Leon River in late June that year.

Texas State Senator César Blanco attended the event.

"Nothing can bring Vanessa back, and no bill can ever replace her, but we can honor and remember her by supporting survivors and preventing future tragedies. I hope the passage of the state Vanessa Guillén Act and the federal I am Vanessa Guillén Bill provides some small degree of healing to the Guillén family and all survivors of military sexual assault," said Senator César J. Blanco

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