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Calls for ‘Cowboys for Trump’ leader to resign as Otero official after ‘dead Democrat’ remark

ALAMOGORDO, New Mexico — The founder of the group 'Cowboys for Trump' and an Otero County commissioner is facing calls to resign after he said in a video, “the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat.”

In a video posted on social media, Commissioner Couy Griffin said he wished for the Democratic Party to die because it was anti-American and opposed to President Donald Trump.

“I’ve come to a place where I’ve come to the conclusion that the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat,” Griffin said in the video. The crowd at an unknown event began to cheer.

“I don’t say that in the physical sense, and I can already see where the videos getting edited where it says I want to go murder Democrats. No,” Griffin continued. “I say that in the political sense because the Democrat agenda and policy is anti-American right now.” (You can view the entire video at the bottom of this article)

But a clip of the first part of Griffin’s comments has circulated among Democrats who called for Griffin to resign from the Otero County Commission.

“The County Commissioner’s comment is despicable, indefensible, and un-American,” Democratic New Mexico House Speaker Brian Egolf tweeted Tuesday. “He represents Rs, Ds, and Independents. He should immediately apologize and resign.”

Democratic Party of New Mexico chairwoman Marg Elliston said in a statement Griffin’s comments had no place in the state’s political discourse.

“Commissioner Griffin should resign his position immediately,” she said. “It is also incumbent upon every single Republican holding or running for elected office in New Mexico to strongly denounce his comments and join our call for his resignation.”

Griffin told The Associated Press he was speaking about politically killing the Democratic progressive agenda and wasn’t inciting violence.

“I absolutely don’t want to harm anybody,” Griffin told The AP. “I don’t agree with the Democrat platform.”

Griffin said he would not resign because he felt he did nothing wrong and was only speaking his mind.

In October, New Mexico’s Democratic state auditor said he was investigating a travel reimbursement to Griffin in his capacity as an Otero County commissioner. The Office of the State Auditor said it’s examining whether the reimbursement to Griffin violated state law.

Griffin traveled to Washington in part to attend a Sept. 12 conference with representatives from Western states. A travel voucher listed a meeting with Trump as the reason for the expense.

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  1. That’s nothing. Making a mountain out of a molehill. You see bumper stickers with that annotation “The only good Democrat is a dead Democrat” all over deep red Texas Counties. I saw them in Ellis County while visiting my son last year. I was not surprised.

    1. Yeah. No one is surprised at the stupid things you post either. Cowboy is done. He’ll ride his horse all the way to Ellis County with that sticker on his poor horse’s ass. Pityful!

      1. How about removing that useless Beto sticker from your rice burner moron. BTW – I enjoy reading those stupid psycho insomnia rants you post from 1:00 am – 4:00 am each day. Can’t fix your stupid.

          1. What’s the matter Alberto? The multiple personalities in your head taking over? Feeling outnumbered? LMAO.

        1. I have a BETO sticker on my Nissan. Too bad he couldn’t quite beat that little rat-face slime that all the Republicans in congress hate.

    2. Hey stupid Fero2a, there’s a difference dummy. People in leadership positions and hillbillys. Educate yourself hillbilly.

  2. He didn’t lie. It’s completely true. A Republican makes a factual statement and he gets ousted. Democrats LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING and it goes unnoticed. Nice.

    1. I agree. He should be commended and given a pay raise. For example the Democraps just want to slap crazy Joe Biden on his hands for criminal sexual assault. They stand behind all women #metoo except Tara Reade. Total double standards and hypocrisy.

    2. Original MAGA you don’t want none of us Democrats son! Can’t fight fair or even debate without your hate so you bigots stay well armed with assault Weapons

    3. Democrats lie ’bout evethin. You sound like your bleach sipping president. How can you tell Trump isn’t lying? When His lips ain’t moving. Democrat bad, Republican good say Jane to Tarzan.

      1. Oh look it’s another lying Democrat. He doesn’t drink Clorox. Only dumb libturds do that. He pops prescription drug hydroxychloroquine pills prescribed by his doctor.

    1. Hello Alberto. What a dolt! The Democrap Party should be wiped off the map. There fixed it for you and corrected your poor spelling idiot.

        1. The smart phone is only as good as the moron operating it. Just program in Democrap or Libtard to the spell checker. Your phone is smarter than you. LMAO.

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    1. What a moron! You actually watch KFOX14? After looking at your psycho rants the FBI would see you as a person of interest. I recall you threatened President Trump during his visit and EPPD Police Chief Allen. You constantly bash law enforcement. They will laugh at you.

      1. Ask your buddy madmike who here is a person of interest. He should know since he says he has access to personal information. Can you say 5000 dollar fine in Federal District Court for every count of violation of the 1974 Pivacy act. Don’t play with fire or sooner or later you will get burned.

        1. What a moron! The worse place to file a frivolous lawsuit is in federal court. BTW – You have to win the lawsuit first moron for any judgment in your favor. Madmike is a LEO. Your problem is a serious lack of credibility and lack of standing to bring suit. All the so called PI on you is in the public record or garbage you posted on the Internet. Oops!

    2. Yep. Look at the Trumpers protesting with guns on hip holsters and automatic rifles everywhere they go. Got nothin but blanks in them there guns.

      1. Jealous Alberto? Can’t get a LTC? Can’t pass a NICS background check? My EDC 9mm has 124 grain Federal HydraShoks. A gun is worthless without live ammo moron. Get out of your bubble.

          1. Nah! I fired expert with the M16 and M9 in the Army so you lose. Proof is on my DD214. I’ve had a Texas LTC since 1997. That blows your theory to hell. My leg and foot are fine. So you can’t pass a NICS background check? LMAO.

          1. Huh? What a moron! Go visit the FBI web site. The National Instant Criminal Background Check System, or NICS. Never bought a gun I take it. End of class.

      2. We have to pack heat. Democrats are crazy. We have to defend ourselves from being assaulted by snowflake liberals who ONLY know violence as a means to make a point.

          1. Watch out idiot. George Zimmerman may be watching you. If Obama had a son he would look like Trayvon Martin.

    1. Let’s see…a right wing extremist nut slaughtered 23 people back in August of last year because of this type of mentality. So as a proud American from a city scarred by gun violence and racism, we should take these threats seriously. Some morons think this is normal behavior because 45 espouses similar rhetoric. #icallbullshit

    2. Oh look Ferocious2A is acting like an offended Christian lol. The real Lord would not be happy with your behavior. Typical hypocrisy from the far right.

    3. Jesus, the childish ranting is getting tiresome. You are right about the database. It is NICS and not NCIC. My mistake. No I’ve never bought a gun. What the devil would I need one for?

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