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Texas lawmakers approve abortion ban as early as 6 weeks, send it to Gov. Abbott to sign

Abortion protesters, both pro-life and pro-choice, hold counter demonstrations in this file photo.
Lakana file
Abortion protesters, both pro-life and pro-choice, hold counter demonstrations in this file photo.

AUSTIN, Texas — Texas lawmakers have approved a measure that would ban abortions after as early as six weeks and allow private citizens to enforce the rule through civil lawsuits against doctors and others.

The Senate vote Thursday sends the bill to Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, who is expected to sign it into law.

That would bring Texas in line with about a dozen other GOP-led states with so-called “heartbeat bills” that have been mostly blocked by federal courts.

The Texas measure is also likely to draw a swift legal challenge from abortion rights groups. 

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  1. Let the women do as the please. No one remembers being in the womb and no one in the womb knows what’s going on. It’s not something I could ever do but let them choose and live with their decision.

    1. No argument on your point. As far as I’m concerned all these people should have been aborted. But just one thing. Not a taxpayer expense. Period.

  2. Two things will happen after wheels signs this bill
    1. Every single OB-Gyn physician in Texas will completely ignore the law and continue to treat their patients according to medical ethics as they always have.

    2. A US District Court will strike the law down as being patently unconstitutional and the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals (the most right wing reactionary appellate Court in the country) will affirm the lower Court decision.

    The entire episode is merely political posturing by right wing human filth that are most likely trumpites. Instead of worrying about things they have no business even discussing, they should be working on extending Medicaid and getting rid of ERCOT and ordering the electric bills nulled.

    1. Either that or they should be marched across the street and placed in the old Travis County jail where they should be held until a special election can be called to replace their ignorant religious asses. The lesson to be learned here is: If you are against abortion, don’t have one.

      1. Maybe the lesson to learn is if youre too poor or too stupid to take care of a baby then don’t have sex you irresponsible sluts.

        1. Unfortunately that will never happen and nothing can be done to make it happen. If they don’t want the kid then abortion is the best choice for society and community. As long as I’m not involved in the decision and have no knowledge of it let them live with whatever comes of it.

          1. If you are not part of the solution you will be part of the problem dan. Grow a pair and decide.

        1. Come on. Think outside the box. Democrats have proven that they have the ability to strip people of their freedoms and liberties. They forced people to wear a mask for a year based on propoganda. They force people to jump through a ton of hoops to buy a gun, surely they can find a way. Democrats are stupid and believe everything they’re told. Hell tell them that vaginas cause a virus far deadlier than COVID. They’ll abstain immediately. Lol. Dumbasses.

      1. In order to be sued for malpractice (which is a civil tort by the way), you must commit a harmful act outside of accepted medical guidelines. Performing an abortion is a normal medical procedure.

        1. So killing children is a tort by your standards char lie? Margaret sanger and adolf your uncle hitler would definitely agree. They got rid of millions of innocent babies and grown people under you very same premise. Sue hell. We need a war against you racist bigfoots.

    1. Yeah so based on liberal “logic” that would mean the 500,000 people that supposedly “died” from COVID in 2020 died because they were fat and lazy and therefore Trump isn’t to blame (which he isn’t anyway) but that’s how ridiculous their flawed arguments are.

        1. Yep. And the tyrant currently residing in the White House can threaten Americans to get a vaccine or wear a mask forever yet allows a certain unnamed donut company to give free donuts to anyone getting said vaccine therefore contributing to further obesity which is the number 1 cause of death among COVID victims. Brilliant. Democrats are completely stupid.

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