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Woman accused of driving drunk and crashing into elderly woman’s home has four prior DWI convictions

suv crashes into house
SUV crashes into Northeast El Paso home

Margaret Cantu, 41, who allegedly drove drunk and crashed into an elderly woman's home has four prior driving while intoxicated convictions, according to an arrest affidavit.

The victim Ruriko Denison, 87, suffered life-threatening injuries including a fractured left leg, a fractured right wrist, a fractured lower back and a fractured upper jaw. According to court documents, Denison remains in ICU.

Documents state that around 1 a.m. Monday, Cantu was driving South on the 10300 block of Kenworthy St. when she failed to make a turn next to Arlington Park. Cantu allegedly entered the park and drove through the park's grass towards Junction Dr. According to court documents, Cantu then crashed through the rock wall of Denison's home on the 4700 block of Junction Dr., and crashed into Denison's bedroom where she was sleeping.

A witness heard the loud crash and walked outside towards the park where they noticed a vehicle had just crashed into a house. According to the documents, when the witness approached the vehicle, Cantu allegedly handed the woman a Budlight Chelada Clamato tall-boy and told her to get rid of it. The Witness refused and reportedly noted that Cantu had a strong odor of alcohol and was slurring her speech.

Once Cantu was outside her vehicle, documents state she nearly fell repeatedly and was leaning against her vehicle for balance.

Officers who responded to the scene asked Cantu what she had drank and she allegedly replied that she had three Budweiser beers at her friend's house. Cantu also reportedly told the officers she was coming from her friends house and heading home but did not remember what happened.

Cantu allegedly refused to provide a blood sample, the officers then secured a warrant for her blood which was presented and signed by a night magistrate, Judge Myers. The blood draw was taken at University Medical Center.

According to police, Cantu lives just down the street of the crash, on the 4800 block of Junction Dr. Cantu is charged with Intoxication Assault and was booked into El Paso County Detention Facility with a $250,000 bond.

Andrea Vazquez



      1. Glad you understand the stupidity of the comment. That’s how you all (Republicans) sound when you defend school shooters with the mental illness garbage.

      2. Alcoholism is a disease recognized by the AMA K1PDR. Your old way of thinking is being challenged. Evolution is part of the spiritual journey. You are static.

      1. YUP! 4 priors…… Fking lawyers and judges that let this POS out should be in jail. All this could of been prevented if she wasn’t let loose…. and of course, the BIATCH drives a huge suv to protect herself….. S2PID

  1. Lol. I’ll out smart/out test/out work/out everything you bunch of uneducated vermites living in El Paso. Bunch of stay home losers living off the system faking military injuries/upping disabilities/malingering pests.

    1. STFU, moron! You have the IQ of a dung beetle! If you’re so damned smart, why are you unemployed/unemployable? Why do you live in that government-assisted crap hole of an apartment?

  2. Alcoholism is a disease. We need programs to help our fellow El Pasoans. We don’t have enough services for these I’ll folks. These are very sick people. More needs to be done.

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