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Potential migrant processing center location in far west El Paso

The building options for the proposed migrant processing center planned to be built in El Paso are limited.

According to our news partners at the El Paso Inc., the General Services Administration, working with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, is looking for a property with 250-thousand square feet of open space, fully heated and air-conditioned and ready by April 15.

Additionally, the property must be in the city of El Paso, and at least 500 feet from any residential area, day-care center, church or school.

“There’s only a few empty large buildings in our market,” said David Etzold, of Etzold & Co. Realty. “Maybe they’re not big enough, but in the Butterfield Industrial Park, which is a secure area next to the airport, I can see that being handy because of the ways they’re going to travel.”

With those requirements, all signs point to the Hoover Building in far west El Paso.

“That probably is one of the only buildings in this market available for it,” said Etzold.

He is very familiar with the building.

Etzold was one of the real estate professionals who worked to bring the Hoover company to El Paso.

“One of the things we did to attract them was to name the street Hoover,” he said. “I had something to do with that.”

The 400,000-square-foot building faces Interstate 10 just west of Transmountain Road, and is”isolated from the homes by other larger users,” according to Etzold.

Henry Martinez lives less than 5 miles away from the property.

“If it has to be done for humanity it’s ok,” said Martinez.

But he feels the government should address other issues first.

“This immigrant issue is getting more attention than our veterans,” he said.


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