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Virus deaths and hospitalizations each outnumber recoveries in Juárez as peak nears

Mayor of Juarez/Facebook
City protection workers involved in the Covid-19 response effort.

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico -- As the coronavirus death toll in Juárez rose by five more on Thursday, health data indicated there are both more deaths and more hospitalizations to date than recoveries.

The fatality count in Juárez now stands at 133, meanwhile 167 patients are currently in the hospital due to the virus, Mexico's northern zone medical director said.

By comparison, just 115 people in Juárez are listed as having recovered after being diagnosed with Covid-19. The recovery rate is also significantly less than the active caseload, according to the data which shows 583 total cases reported so far.

Minus those listed as either deceased or recovered, there are 335 active cases right now in Juárez, which experts have suggested may see it's highest peak of the pandemic in the coming week.

Juárez also remains responsible for the majority of the 943 cases and 169 deaths tallied in the state of Chihuahua as of Thursday.

Across all of Mexico on Thursday, there were over 40,000 confirmed cases and more than 4,200 deaths.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Those numbers don’t mean anything. They have a 23% fatality rate- no other place comes close to that. What is their testing criteria? How many people are being tested? Are they including the patients that have come to El Paso? Questions that should be asked before putting out half-baked statistics. A lot of people are very scared, you owe it to your readers/viewers to put out more complete information. Or, at the very least, tell people what you don’t know. Geez.

  2. Juarez, and all of Mexico are clueless about the real numbers infected, the percentage of deaths and how many recovered. Even in the United States, the Corona numbers have been padded to get more federal money.

  3. We can tell by looking at the ratio of deaths to the number of actives they are reporting that tha active number should be at least 4 times higher. 23% is a pretty high number. Like mafmike says, I don’t think they have a clue.

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