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Woman among 25 asylum seekers gives birth after El Paso arrival

EL PASO, Texas -- Most of the 25 asylum-seeking migrants who settled into an El Paso shelter on Friday are preparing to reunite with family members across the country, but one woman didn’t stay for long. 

“When she arrived, she was pregnant and no sooner had she arrived we had to call 911 and we now have a brand new little baby,” said Ruben Garcia, the director of Annunciation House. 

Garcia told ABC-7 the women gave birth to a baby boy and they will stay in the hospital for the next few days.

Another lady and her child departed El Paso soon after arriving Friday, while Garcia said he expects the rest of the migrants will have made their way to their families in the U.S. come Sunday.

Meantime, 25 more migrants are expected to arrive on Monday and for the next couple of weeks - daily on Monday through Friday. Eventually, officials say this number could grow to 50 per day and beyond.

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Rachel Phillips



      1. We do pay for everything. And our income does change in two ways- higher taxes and wages that are driven lower by the available cheaper labor. Also, areas like El Paso have a tremendous problem attracting higher paying companies because of the higher taxes and the lower quality schools.

    1. A nation that can afford to give a 1.2 trillion dollar tax break to the highest 1% of earners and large corporations has no problem caring for you and your mother and we’re glad to do it.

      1. Why are you against successful/rich people? They pay taxes. Unfortunately, this lady had a baby at a local hospital at tax payer expense.

        Who is going to give her a job if she doesn’t speak English or have a skill to contribute to society?

        Is it fair for tax payers to pay for hospital birth, section 8 housing and food stamps?

        1. Asylum seekers cannot receive Section 8 housing or food stamps. You know this. They should be able to get benefits and hopefully we can enlarge the system to accommodate them. As of now, they cannot get any type of public assistance other than emergency medical care. Any country that can give un-needed tax breaks to corporations and the top 1% of earners has no problem helping an immigrant new mother. After all most of us have morals. Most of us voted against Trump.

          1. You are wrong again. Since she has a baby born here, the baby will receive food stamps and a reduction in rent through section 8. You need to open your eyes.

            Let me ask you a question? What have you done to help an immigrant? Have you helped them to learn English? Have you given them a job? Have you helped them babysit their children while they are working under the table and not paying taxes. Did you help her pay for her hospital bill? Did you help feed them? The answer is NO. You just want the tax payer to support them.

    1. If she is granted asylum, she and her offspring will produce 100 times more than you have and they will dutifully pay their taxes. Rush Limbaugh is dead thank goodness. Quit listening to his false racist dis-information.

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