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EPISD approves budget amid financial uncertainty with 2% pay raise for staff


EL PASO, Texas -- Despite financial uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic, the El Paso Independent School District on Tuesday adopted a nearly $550 million budget for the coming year that includes pay raises.

The budget approved by EPISD's Board of Trustees includes a 2% salary hike for all of the district's teachers and employees for the 2020-2021 school year.

The wage increases, touted by an EPISD spokesmen as "some good news for our employees" during the pandemic, will amount to about $10 million of the overall budget.

EPISD employees such as librarians and teachers will receive a general 2% increase from their current salaries. The starting teacher salary in the district will now be $52,750.

Superintendent Juan Cabrera acknowledged "that the financial outlook for the country is unclear given the impact of Covid-19," but he added that the district, nonetheless, wanted "to adequately compensate the employees who have gone above and beyond in serving our students during the pandemic.”

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



  1. Why is the school budget increasing each year when student enrollment is decreasing by 1,500 students a year?

    Also, why are school teachers paid significantly more than police officers and firefighters (that they risk their lives)?

  2. All taxpayer jobs are bogus!!! Just like at the excessive OT pay for officers, early retirements allowing double dipping all tax payer funded. City council making 130k staying home, teachers getting full pay staying home. Complete fiscal irresponsibility throughout.

    1. You don’t know anything. If it wasn’t for teachers, who would teach your brat kids that you send to school without a pencil. You have no idea what kind of nonsense teachers have to put up with. I’ve had teachers cussed at by parents and cussed out by students, threatened by parents and teachers, assaulted. You name it. Teachers should be given sainthood. MANY parents in this town are insane. Just like you. And they are not just staying home. They are creating on-line lessons, contacting students who are refusing to log-in or turn in work, grading assignments that only count as a P in this Virtual school world.

    1. They’re ticketing speeders. Enforcing the law. You don’t care about the law because you aid and abaid criminals like the illegal aliens sapping our system dry.

  3. School districts have entire fleets of police officers. All double dipping. So taxpayers pay for police officers salaries/retirements through city taxes, then we pay their salaries again and another retirement through school taxes. That’s the kind of bullshit that needs to be eliminated. They should retire only once and at the same age of everyone else. 65.

      1. Also original maga, I don’t speed. Not about to donate my hard earn money to a bogus system. Police officers should patrol high crime areas, like the Devil’s Triangle, should have checkpoints at 2am, etc. oh wait, that’s a non revenue activity. Capitalizing on human error with the pretext of “enforcing the law” and filling your pockets is NOT WHAT THE LAW SHOULD BE. Finding criminals, busting rings, patrolling high crime areas, etc should be the focus. Not pointing your radar gun at noon during the workweek. If the law was soooo interested in eliminating speeders they would govern the cars speed. Like truckers. Oh wait, then no money would be made. You are the original moron. I can sell you some ocean front property in the northeast of El Paso. Who ever said charging people money would change their behavior. It hasn’t for decades!!!!!!! But the cats have gotten very fat in decades. You be the judge

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