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Name change considered for Robert E. Lee Elementary School in northeast El Paso

Robert E. Lee Elementary School
Robert E. Lee Elementary School in northeast El Paso.

EL PASO, Texas -- As controversial monuments, specifically Confederate monuments, are being removed across the country as a response to the death of George Floyd, the possibility of changing one northeast El Paso school name is once again on the table.

El Paso Independent School District trustee Freddy Klayel-Avalos, who represents District 6, tweeted that he is calling on his fellow board members to change Robert E. Lee Elementary School's name permanently.

Robert E. Lee was a commander of the Confederate Army during the Civil War.

Klayel-Avalos told ABC-7 that a concerned constituent reached out to him calling for the name change adding that it was long overdue and Avalos agrees.

"However anyone may interpret it, either positive or negative, the fact that the African American/black community interpret or associate Robert E. Lee's name with oppression is enough for the district to be proactive enough about changing the name," Klayel-Avalos said.

Klayel-Avalos added that even though he cannot speak for the entire board he feels the name change is "imminent."

Back in 2017, the board had previously discussed changing the school's name.

EPISD trustee Diane Dye, who represents the district were the school is located, said she believes her constituents do not want to change the name. When asked how she would vote if it the item was brought to a vote, she said she would vote "no."

"This needs to come from the community it should not come from one board trustee. Unless my constituents want this done, I will vote no."

Klayel-Avalos told ABC-7 he has discussed the topic with EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera and the topic will likely be added to the June 16 board meeting agenda. Klayel-Avalos is encouraging constituents to sign up for public comment for that meeting.

Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter/producer.



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          1. Parker removed mine after agreeing with armypilot. He doesn’t take criticism well.

    Lee is a historical icon of AMERICA, not simply if the C.S.A.

    Lee was a West Point grad, instructor, superintendent, and was HIGHLY COVETED to lead the Armies of both the North and the South.

    Lee chose the South because he was a Virginian and couldn’t bear fighting against his home state.

    His family estate includes what is now ARLINGTON NATIONAL CEMETERY.


  3. Lee was a poor leader, finished 2nd at West Point. 2nd is the first loser. Them married into a slave owning family in Virginia. The moron was a racist. Take the at garbage street name off our streets!

    1. Tell us all about your illustrious military career. Let’s see, you admitted that you joined the Navy to avoid Vietnam, then couldn’t complete an enlistment, got thrown out.

  4. New times new names!!!!! Get rid of the hate and remove all those names. I want to know who voted to name such schools and streets! Time for transparency. Robert E Lee has no place here!

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  5. Speaking of Northeast Then too there’s ‘Castner Heights’ Neighborhood Gateway North @ Hondo Pass/ Diana contains streets signs containing the names of several questionable Civil War Generals

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      1. You forget to mention that Democrats back then were all Southern white, red-neck good ol boys who killed blacks for just looking at a white woman. Fast forward to now and they call themselves Republicans. Same kind of people, they just used to call themselves Democrats. Read some History books before you post something that you know nothing about.

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          The same here in El Paso. Hispanic democrat leadership has failed to change very little.

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          Republicans freed the slaves, fought a war to restore the Union, passed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, etc…
          Democrats ceded from the Union and lost, started the KKK, passed Jim Crow laws, voted against the Civil Right Act for the most part (led by Robert “the Exalted Cyclops” Byrd) and have done everything they can to keep people of color on the government plantation.

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  7. If you remove one monument you must remove them all or the racial divide will turn the other way
    and open up a new can of worms that no one has ever seen

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