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Canutillo ISD approves ‘year-round’ school calendar with shortened summer vacation

Canutillo ISD
The Canutillo ISD logo displayed at the school district's offices.

CANUTILLO, Texas -- The Canutillo Independent School District at a special board meeting on Tuesday decided to make a considerable change to how their school year operates.

The vote was unanimous at 7-0 with the CISD board passing a plan to switch over to a 'year-round' academic calendar.

School board members said the change will shorten the summer vacation, but also adds in a fall break for staff and students.

Multiple school administrators said that the idea for the change came from the Texas Education Agency, adding that the TEA recommended the change so El Paso area schools can be more aligned with the rest of the state.

It was a proposal that had been talked about for several years but had recently gained significant steam as a means to get things back on track following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, the El Paso Independent School District will vote on their own calendar change June 16, and Ysleta Idepdendent School District will do the same on June 17.

Michael Gordon

Michael Gordon is an ABC-7 reporter who co-anchors Good Morning El Paso weekends.



    1. School districts don’t understand the value of those free play opportunities that summer vacation offers. These are the same people who think kids should be going to school at the age of 3 and should know how to read BEFORE getting there.

      1. I knew how to read before first grade but that was the doing of my parents slow infusion and not being herded into unnecessary classes by the Texas Education Agency.

        1. It figures. So you are nothing but an armchair QB social justice warrior with no real world experience. A woke liberal. So your comments really don’t mean anything. You will never know what it is like to be a parent since you don’t have kids. Maybe madmike has something to say about that.

      1. Wrong as usual. The tone of my comment is clearly sarcasm which you practice yourself. I bet you don’t have any kids. If any, a bad parent. My children turned out fine. Feel free to visit us on Father’s Day the 21st and get a free lesson in what good parenting brings and the rewards. My oldest son had the highest scholarship $400,000 at one of the popular high schools in the EPISD in 2004. Subsequently attending and graduating from a well know and famous military service academy. A chip off the old block. BTW – I paid my fair share of property taxes to EPISD and YISD but now exempt. You?……crickets?

          1. That flew right over your head. What a dolt. It was a college scholarship not tuition. The EPISD high schools keep a list and post of all their brightest kids with the highest scholarships prior to graduation. End of class.

  1. I have more real world experience than either of you two morons. How much real world experience could one have if they are supporters of the orange buffoon? Both of you love this idiot even though you know like the rest ofvthe country that he’s unfit for office. Your both far right conservatives whose time has come.

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