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EPISD board votes to part ways with Superintendent Juan Cabrera, gives him $500k payout to go

Juan Cabrera episd
Juan Cabrera, former superintendent.

EL PASO, Texas -- The El Paso Independent School District Board of Trustees voted unanimously Thursday evening to sever ties with their superintendent, giving him a payout of over a half-million dollars to leave.

Trustees by a 7-0 vote approved a voluntary separation agreement with Juan Cabrera, who had served as superintendent of the district for the past seven years. According to a copy of that agreement obtained by ABC-7, the district is giving him $558,917.54 along payment for three-months of vacation, other accrued leave time and benefits to depart.

Vince Sheffield, EPISD's deputy superintendent of administration & academics, has been named the interim superintendent effective Nov. 9.

The trustees' decision to part ways with Cabrera comes after a lawsuit filed in California alleged wrongdoing by Cabrera as he consulted for a charter school company in east Texas.

The company is owned by former EPISD board president Dori Fenenbock.

Both have denied any wrongdoing and Cabrera says his consulting was within the boundaries of his EPISD contract, but he negotiated his resignation in the wake of the controversy.

Below is a complete copy of the resignation agreement that was provided to ABC-7.

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  1. I don’t understand why the school board hired him in the first place. He wasn’t a Texas certified superintendent. The school board gave him 3 years to become certified. Since he was hired, his salary (over $320,000 a year) has more than outpaced inflation and the school budget has increased even though student enrollment has decreased approximately 1,500 students a year. Can anyone explain why the school board always gives him high performance ratings and outrageous pay increases while school graduation rate is only 75%

  2. Everyone can tell who you are based on your rhetoric. Madmike has absolutely no degree. A moron. Acevedo has no degree. City council for the most part are non college educated riff raff.

  3. Your choice of words is your brand. Madmike is a low level skilled worker and city council/school board members are maybe high school educated level folk.

  4. The people that are in charge of our children’s education goes to meetings, get drunk and get into fist fights in other cities in Texas(I guess to show how classy we are) and of course there is no video? Then we have these two upstanding pillar’s of the community that are no different then the rat’s running in the alleys downtown. Once a dusty outpost in the west, always a dusty outpost in the west.

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