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El Paso

El Paso City Council rejects plan to reopen Scenic Drive daily to pedestrians for summer

UPDATE: El Paso City Council on June 9th has voted down a proposal to reopen Scenic Drive on a daily basis to pedestrians for the summer from July 4th through Labor Day.

ORIGINAL REPORT: EL PASO, Texas -- Hiking and walking trails have reopened across the city. Scenic Drive is just one of the eight trails now open to the public since the Covid-19 pandemic, but only on Sundays.

Dozens flocked to the popular road on the Sunday after it was closed to pedestrians and motorists for several weeks.

As parks, pools, and recreation centers remained closed this Memorial Day weekend headed into the summer, El Paso City Council will be discussing a way to re-open Scenic Drive everyday for pedestrians.

City Rep. Peter Svarzbein said if approved, having Scenic Drive open only for pedestrians would be able to give El Pasoans an opportunity get some extra steps in and some fresh air all while adding more space to social distance. 

“Right now, we have the summer that's approaching, UTEP is out. We know that more businesses, more restaurants, more bars are opening up, let's go and have another opportunity to keep this road closed for cars so that we can encourage people to be outside and be healthy," Rep. Svarzbein said. "This just gives El Pasoans another place, another opportunity to go out, to get some exercise in a safe and socially distancing way.” 

For now Scenic Sundays will run between 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. during the spring and summer.

For a list of complete walking and hiking trails, click here.

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Brianna Chavez

Brianna Chavez is an ABC-7 reporter/producer.



    1. Yep, exactly. If they want to give people the opportunity to walk in a safe, outdoor manner why don’t they open up the money pit downtown baseball stadium and allow people to walk around the warning track?

    2. Lets look at the common sense of all this. There isn’t any. Instead of opening the park all week and have people straddle through in smaller numbers they rather put more people at one time on Sunday and expose them to the virus. Wasn’t one of the reasons for the shut down was to prevent large numbers at a time? Now they keep the park closed and herd people in one day. Who the hell hires these geniuses.

    1. El Paso City Council has credibility? That’s a new one. BTW – How about the latest left leaning poll out? Trump and Biden are in a dead heat. What happened to Biden’s 4 to 7 point lead you bragged about all last week? LMAO.

        1. Putting out fake news again? Negative 12 point lead. But oh wait……. that’s in the blue states. The problem is what about the red states that went with President Trump back in 2016? A recent ABC poll showed Trump winning the election with only electoral votes from the red states. In other words Trump wins, Biden loses. Pull up an electoral map from 2016 and enjoy all that red. Trump 2020!

          1. Its 12 points nationwide. Thats the average of the top 20 nationwide polls as of noon yesterday.

  1. Protests with the thousands, no social distancing. A-OK! Going to Scenic Drive, NOT OK! Open Scenic Drive, it’s obvious they don’t care about the “spread of COVID-19” or else they would’ve busted up the protests or at least cited them. This uneven dispensing of the law, even if it is unconstitutional and I’d disagree with the citations of the Drugged Out Felon Protests, is not a good sign for the country. Unless you like the prospects of a Second Civil War, then it’s pretty good sign.

    1. Bigoof prepping for a civil war? Lol. Stupid oldtimer hick. Go ahead get your two boxes of cheap Ammo and your polymer junk gun like madmikes. Civil war? Lol. I’m choking.

    2. BigO, the stay home and the social distancing has nothing to do with the virus. It’s all about power over all of us. You and me included. The more the elected elite disregard the Constitution the more power they have over us. The virus is real. But so is the attempt to redo the Constitution is real as well.

          1. It are the mutts nadodave produced. He has little dumb “it’s”. Multicolored.

  2. I told you the city council were geniuses. No common sense. Just stupidity.
    Sun kills the virus. Masks and social distancing don’t help for most. What are they thinking? Not thinking obviously.

        1. Really no need to. We just need to stand back and watch your fellow liberals destroy your liberal cities and eat each other. For example look at what happening in uber liberal Seattle now. BTW – People on the right are protesting in favor of full re-opening or haven’t you heard. Steve on Resler complains about that in every rant. At least the protests done by the right are not violent and destructive.

      1. Simple experiment. Go find any COVID-19 strain. Put it in a petri dish out in the bright El Paso sun and heat. See how fast the virus dies. Plenty of anecdotal proof on that. End of class. BTW – Chlorine kills it too. I’m enjoying my swimming pool. Having a pool party next month. Check with the CDC on that argument before replying.

  3. Are these city council clowns/judges/ etc still drawing a FULL salary? Kvia needs to investigate. If so list them name by name and amount. I see a lot of sitttin’ around. Those salaries for 4 months should be given up to fund for the chihuahua stadium losses . You know pappa Foster is coming for his money. After all they be voted it in. But to have all these city employees stay home and collect a free check for 4minths is nauseating. No wonder they don’t want to re open.

        1. I have three government paychecks aka triple dipper Alberto. Jealous? So which one are you referring to? All well earned and not government handout like the welfare you are on. So you did vote for the liberals running this city. Mayor Margo doesn’t count since he is a RINO.

  4. Cut city councils pay until local economy re opens!! SOB staying home collecting full pay doing nothing!!!!! No work no pay!!!!!!

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