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El Paso

11-year-old east El Paso boy stands tall in reminding all about Memorial Day’s true meaning

flag boy Adam Navar
11-year-old Adam Navar waves the U.S. as cars pass by in his east El Paso neighborhood.
11-year-old Adam Navar waves the U.S. as cars pass by in his east El Paso neighborhood.

EL PASO, Texas -- Standing tall and full of pride for his country, a boy in far east El Paso was reminding everyone Monday about the true meaning behind Memorial Day.

For more than two hours, Adam Navar stood outside in his neighborhood simply waving the American flag to salute those soldiers we've lost.

"It helps people when they’re driving by to see the American flag, and what this represents. We pledge to this flag every day in school. It’s very important to know about everything," the 11-year-old said.

He even quoted Gen. George S. Patton, saying wars may be fought with weapons - but are won by men.

Reminding us that our freedom is given by those brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice, Adam shared these words:

"We lost many brothers and sisters over the years in Iraq, Vietnam, World World II - so we have to remember them, we cannot forget."

He continued, "It makes me feel good when a veteran comes and I make them smile. Just now, a veteran came and said he was proud of me and that what I'm doing is great."

ABC-7 was able to speak with Adam after viewers had told us of the touching gesture. It served as an example of something so simple that can make an impact, and reminded us to remember our fallen heroes on the holiday established in their honor.

Adam's message to fallen veterans on this day was a simple but important one: "Thank you for your service and for everything you’ve done and that you tried hard. I would like to thank them."

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