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El Paso

Community rallies around far east El Paso neighbor with sidewalk chalk-a-thon

EL PASO, Texas -- More than fifty people drew messages of love, support and kindness on the sidewalks of a far east El Paso neighborhood Sunday as a way of showing one family they belong in the neighborhood and they’re not alone. 

"This graffiti is seen only in ghettos, unless you come from the ghetto you're in the wrong neighborhood" - those were just some of the hurtful words written on a letter sent anonymously to Adrienne Benjamin’s house, after members from her church drew outside her house with chalk on Mother’s Day to celebrate her.

"I was scared, I've got a family I need to protect and the letter told me I didn't belong here,” Benjamin said.

When neighbors got news of those hateful words sent to Benjamin’s house, they decided to fight the hate with love and hold a chalk-a-thon. 

"People from all over, all different colors, some of them crying telling me I didn't deserve it, some of them saying we don't do this here, that's not El Paso,” Benjamin said.

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  1. I’m very glad this lady and her family are going to stay here. Never mind the alberto pedo muertos, char lie scooby doo doo, and all of those sick minds that want to see people hurt. God Bless the Benjamins. Thanks for being part of El Paso and Texas.

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