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El Paso deadline approaches to appeal property tax appraisal

EL PASO, Texas -- The deadline to appeal your home's property value is three days away. Many El Pasoans who saw their property values rise showed up at the Central Appraisal District ahead of the deadline.

You can appeal at the El Paso Central Appraisal District in person, but a protest can also be filed online.

You can click the link here to to go directly to the application.

Through open records request, ABC-7 learned nearly 75% of residents who appealed their appraisal value last year were granted a reduction.

Assistant Chief Appraiser for the Central Appraisal District tells us why an appraisal value may be incorrect on the notice.

“We use mass appraisal to appraise property so most of the time an appraiser doesn’t physically go out and look at your house. So, if you have some kind of issue then we might not necessarily know about so if you think there's an issue affecting your property value that we may not know it's a good idea to protest," said David Stone.

Stone says if you noticed something that would change your home's value bring it to the appeal.

"Anything that's wrong with your property, if you need a new roof, the house needs painting, whatever, get an estimate, take a picture, make sure you bring in a picture that's very important and you could get your value lowered," said Stone.

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