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Former Mayor Dee Margo asks D.A. “where are we?” as third anniversary of Walmart shooting draws closer

EL PASO - In an exclusive interview with ABC-7, former El Paso Mayor Dee Margo, who was in office when the Aug. 3 shooting took place, is questioning the delay in the trial of the alleged shooter Patrick Crusius.

"I don't understand why it's taking so long. I know there is a lot of evidence. It took the FBI a great deal of time to get everything and make it an ironclad case. I think they're through with that, and I would ask our DA (district attorney) 'Where are we?'" Margo said.

In the days following the Walmart shooting, Margo attended the funerals of all of the victims.

Now, Less than three months away from the third anniversary of the shooting - a trial date has yet to be scheduled.

Margo said he understand the large amount of evidence prosecutors had to gather for this case, but feels the trial is not moving as fast as it should.

"While I was in office I was hoping the state would prosecute it first because I thought that would've been more expeditious, more timely," said Margo.

Crusius is accused of shooting and killing 23 people on Aug. 3, 2019. He pled not guilty during a court hearing in October of 2019.

In February, federal judge David Guaderrama didn't want to set a date for a trial until the federal government determines if they will be pursuing the death penalty.

According to court documents previously obtained by ABC-7, Crusius' lawyers want the trial to take place in 2025 to give them enough time to prepare for the trial, while prosecutors want the trial to begin in 2023.

Edwin Delgado

Edwin Delgado is an ABC-7 producer.



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  1. The former Mayor is right. Why is this taking so long to go to trial? How much are the defence lawyers billing the tax payer?

    I pray justice is served and the racist pig will get the death sentence.

    1. Like I told char liar. joe crow’s people are prolonging it as much as possible to keep it in the political realm of trying to make Repubs look uncaring. Not the Repubs doing this. Just the demoKKKrats.

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