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2 more soldiers test positive as number of virus cases at Fort Bliss grows to 3

fort bliss main gate
Getty Images via CNN
The main gate to the Fort Bliss Army Base.

FORT BLISS, Texas -- Two additional soldiers at Fort Bliss have tested positive for novel coronavirus, military officials said late Saturday night, bringing the total number of cases at the U.S Army post in El Paso to three.

The two new soldiers infected were roommates of the first soldier who tested positive on Friday at William Beaumont Army Medical Center, said Fort Bliss spokesman Gilbert Telles.

All three of the cases involve members of an Army Reserve unit assigned to the 77th Human Resources Company out of New York City. That unit had recently reported for training on Fort Bliss, Telles said.

With the two additional Fort Bliss cases, that brings the total number of virus infections in El Paso County to nine.

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Jim Parker

Jim Parker is the Director of Digital Content for ABC-7.



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