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2 GOP senators now calling for Trump to resign in wake of deadly riot at Capitol

Sen. Pat Toomey

WASHINGTON (AP) - Two Republican senators now say President Donald Trump should resign as support for the drive to impeach him a second time is gaining momentum in his final days in office after the deadly riot at the Capitol by a violent mob of Trump supporters.

Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania on Sunday joined Sen. Lisa Murkowski in calling for Trump to “resign and go away as soon as possible.”

Murkowski, who has long voiced her exasperation with Trump’s conduct in office, told the Anchorage Daily News on Friday that Trump simply “needs to get out.”

But Toomey isn't optimistic that Trump will step down before his term ends on Jan. 20.

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  1. BS! Trump wasn’t leading the charge. Capitol Police opened the doors for the protestors. Riots in Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, and others were tolerated, even encouraged by politicians. It doesn’t become an issue until it happens to them in their offices and workspaces. Two-faced hypocrites! Funny how fast they can move when they want to. Do what Congress does best, sit on your hands. He will be gone in 10 days.

      1. A seditionist & traitor? I doubt it. It’s called patriotism. 56 years ago I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. Seems today, the Democrat(socialist) party comes very close to being a domestic enemy! Anyway, it runs in the blood. Ancestors were involved at Concord, Bunker Hill, Bennington, & Saratoga. Also with John Paul Jones on RANGER & BON HOMME RICHARD!

        1. Don’t give us any of your Patriot Bullshit. That’s the same thing the Domestic Terrorists that invaded the US Capitol were shouting as they searched for Vice President Pence to hang him for Treason. Truth is Mr Pence was following the letter of the US Constitution for which he and many lawmakers were threatened to death by phony *patriots* such as YOURSELF. Patriots MY ASS.

          1. If denouncing phony Patriots is what is wrong with me and this country, then count me IN. You are following a lost cause, and the wrong ideas for the betterment of OUR country. We all know what happened, and the results of the previous Lost Cause of 1865. Someone once said: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” So kidd, remember the past and learn from it, and don’t just yearn for it.

        2. You sir are not a Patriot. You are the exact opposite. You are a traitor and a seditionist who approves of the assault on Democracy and the Constitution that occurred on January 6. You and your ilk will pay.

        3. Blah blah yeah imprison someone who disagrees with me and let’s call them the fascist……ffs. you and your the profiles are the only people who take you serious. I still can’t get over the time you made up the profile and tried to give yourself props ‘mark turner you’ve posted some of the most intelligent stuff in this site” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha GTFOH….. that was too easy to spot. That’s when you know your argument is shite

        4. K1DPR mark turner is absolutely correct about you. YOU ARE WHATS WRONG WITH THIS COUNTRY. Two options for you: Disappear into the woods OR assimilate. No one likes your type anymore. You stand out like a sore thumb. We all know your type.

        1. Jeff Allen. An orange buffoon supporter calling people pedophiles. Which do you think most people would choose to have living next door to them? A pedophile or an orange buffoon supporter? The pedophile wins hands down.

          1. uhhhh no. You think just cause you are a pedophile with neighbors accept you. I really hope you aren’t around any kids. Defending pedophiles….. I’ve seen it all now. Get a load of this guy defending pedophiles…wtaf and you have people who agree with you here…ffs

    1. That’s right. Trump was not leading the charge. He was back at headquarters watching everything on cctv. His children were enjoying a buffet with champagne enjoying the mayhem. Meanwhile Kimberly, Don Jr.s lover was dancing with joy. KiddGeritol, you are fighting a losing cause just like all the Retarded Trumpies. Either you are putting us on with your delusional comments or you are seriously sick with Denial Psychosis.

    2. No he’s not in the minority ms turner. Don’t hurt her feelings or you’ll be labeled seditionist. What a fvcking moron…. every last thing you write is absolute nonsense. At least the blm folk had the gall to get out and put it on the line. You’d never spew your bullshite out in public cause you are the weak in America that the lions need to protect.

        1. Yeah ok lady….. who was hiding from whom? Let me guess..blah blah buffoon blah blah sedition blah blah white supremacist blah blah I can’t make any real arguments so I use the words mama Pelosi told me to…blah blah arrest. I see you stopped with the death threats, you didn’t want that heat. Maybe I should tell you there’s lots of men in prison you’d stick out like a sore thumb but find a daddy real quick

    1. Hawley has been DISAVOWED and CONDEMNED by his major backer and contributor, has had his Book deal cancelled, and is currently under fire from Democrats and Republicans alike. He was described by other Congressmen as crouching down and hiding in a corner in fear as the Trump marauders sacked the Capitol. Yet, later he still decided to proceed with his farcical objections to the Electoral College vote count. What a piece of work this confused little man is.

  2. None of you Trumpies are qualified as having an objective opinion regarding the chaos the Pussygrabber Retard has caused because of your DEAF AND BLIND adulation to a sick psychopath. As far as you are concerned Trump won in a Landslide. But Biden was declared the winner because Dead people voted, children voted, out of state people voted in the wrong state, Dominion voting machines had software that automatically changed votes to Biden. In your mind this was all a mass conspiracy to defeat a president who is trying to stop a movement of pedophiles from abusing every child in America and at the same time turning America into a Communist Gulag where you will be sent to re education camps in barracks set up in the Mohave desert. Trump has really done a first class Brainwash job on your gullible brains and it will take years of psychological help to fix you.

    1. You are part of the problem. Extremist like you are the problem, especially the ones like you that run when the action begins. You and all your profiles are exactly the same, safe behind the keyboard

      1. Want to know what an Extremist is?? Rewind to Wednesday morning and watch a bunch of Redneck Racist, ultraNational, bigoted White Men ransack the Capitol. Free you mind and your Ass will follow!! I think James Brown said that.

      1. Bullshitofthematter, next time go participate in another Trump Insurrection and see how fast YOUR ass is sent to the Pen to cool off. You are so gay for Trump that you would probably bend over and let him screw you in the butt to show your love for him.

    1. Blah blah yeah imprison someone who disagrees with me and let’s call them the fascist……ffs. you and your the profiles are the only people who take you serious. I still can’t get over the time you made up the profile and tried to give yourself props ‘mark turner you’ve posted some of the most intelligent stuff in this site” hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha GTFOH….. that was too easy to spot. That’s when you know your argument is shite

    1. You sir have carried yourself with me dignity than ANY Trump hater has ever carried themselves. That’s also called being an adult which isn’t surprising that you supported Trump and can act like a normal human being. I am embarrassed they trashed the capitol and that they sunk to the lefts level cause you knew they’d use the double standard to vilify you.

  3. Just fvking great mark turner has his new buzz word “sediotionist” fvvvvvvck me we’re gonna hear his bvllshit over and over and over. No matter how azzbackwards his bvllshit rhetoric is he’ll make sure to put in “buffoon” and now sedition. Hey Mark turner FVCK YOU you just stay behind that keyboard and let the men fight it out. You and every single one of your profiles is chock full of shite. Your hypocrisy is as blatant as your fear.

    1. Hey Dickhead! You sound like Drunk Irish IRA underground anti government anarchist. Did you just drink a whole quart of Scotch Whisky to get over the pain of seeing Trump rejected by Law Abiding Americans ???

  4. is matching around with signs saying “death to america” sedition? Not if you use the ole double standard. Were the people trying to break into the Kavanaugh hearing seditionist? Not with the ole double standards.

      1. Ohhh you spotted a grammatical error woo-hoo. Blah blah Mark turner just keep with the 5th grade name calling, and weak azz arguments. You mumble under your breath when you see a Trump supporter but walk away silently, keep on winning those shower arguments against your shampoo bottles

      2. Very pc calling someone a “retard” typical hypocrite with no self awareness. I’d tell you to get someone to help you but it’s pretty obvious you are a loner with no one around you to remind you how backwards you are. Blah blah Mark, keep up the bad work

      3. yeah avoid the question and stick with your blah blah racism, blah blah sedition blah blah white supremacist blah blah pussygrabber blah blah gaslighting….I see you stopped using that one. So answer the question is protesting with death to America signs sedition. I don’t expect anything of substance so don’t disappoint

  5. I see the local communists are out in force to try to convince themselves they mean anything to anyone. Not. 25 slimy personalities calling itself different names to try to be something. All they are is, nothing.

    1. They blatant hypocrisy and self loathing is very revealing. I’m surprised mark turner can live with herself with all the self loathing she has from being white. Then to go and make several profiles to try and bolster support but forgetting which profile she’s posting on is hilarious. Then the “cuties” defending….. whew she is a doozy

  6. One thing is PERFECTLY clear. Americans have had enough of the Pussygrabber and his fake Patriots. That is why they have given the Democrats the reins of the government. The Pussygrabber will be IMPEACHED AGAIN, and he will end up prohibited from ever running from public office. Articles of SEDITION will be written up tomorrow morning and there is NOTHING his Vermin can do to stop it. All they can do is jump up and down and curse, cry, shit themselves with anger, but nothing will change. Democratic PRESIDENT, Democratic Senate, DEMOCRATIC House of Reps!!!!

      1. Trump supporters have nothing left to say except stupid shit like *nothing burger.* Really? That’s your defense of the Pussygrabber’s lies, arm wringing of fellow Republicans, delusional beliefs that he won in a *landslide.* Nothing burger??? Really?? You really have gone down a Rabbit Hole of an Alternate Reality!!! Slap yourselves good. There is NO Alternate Reality where Trump won the presidency because he is the Greatest president to ever live. Good Lord, people!!!

  7. COCONUTS of El Paso rise and join the Racist White lovers who are now the NEW disenfranchised demographic population!! You COCONUTS can join the Trump bunch but that Bunch are just like their Dear leader Trump, when they don’t need you they will throw you under THE TRUMP BUS!!

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