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UTEP leading WR Jacob Cowing motivated by 11-month-old son

EL PASO, Texas - UTEP wide receiver Jacob Cowing ranks third in the nation in receiving yards. And while turning around the UTEP Miner football program has its own incentives, Cowing has all the motivation he needs at home with his 11-month old son Chase.

Cowing plays much bigger than a true sophomore, but he attributes his maturity to his rush into fatherhood.

"Being as young as I am and having a son, it's an awesome feeling," says Cowing, 19. "I try to always balance, football, school and spending time with my kid."

Cowing’s work ethic is goes beyond the practice field each day, and as a father, his schedule is not like your average college kid.

"I wake up, come here, go to practice, lift and I go back home. Usually he's up when I go back home," says Cowing of Chase.

"Me and him we usually play, I feed him lunch around that time. After that he watches a couple of his movies that he likes to do, plays with some toys. I usually put him down for a nap."

"I do my school work, zoom meetings for football and practices stuff like that. Then after that, I take a nap, because I'm exhausted from the day."

And yet, Cowing still has the energy to burn secondaries across the country.

His talent on gameday’s is undeniable, he’s led UTEP in receiving since stepping foot on campus.

Cowing is beginning to open national eyes, but the drive all comes from his #1 fan.

“Of course I have desires and a passion to go to the league," says Cowing of his long term goals.

"But having him in my life just kind of makes that passion and motivation more and more in me because I want him to grow up not having to worry about anything," he says of Chase.

"That’s my #1 goal is to make it big for him so he doesn’t have to worry about anything.”

Cowing has topped the 100-yard receiving mark in 3 of UTEP's first 4 games this season.

Nate Ryan

Nate Ryan is an ABC-7 sports anchor/reporter.


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