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Joe Biden says ‘democracy prevailed’ after Electoral College affirms him as president-elect

President-elect Joe Biden during a speech to the American people.
President-elect Joe Biden during a speech to the American people.

WASHINGTON, DC — Presidential electors on Monday gave Joe Biden a majority of their votes, formalizing his victory in last month’s election.

“In this battle for the soul of America, democracy prevailed,” Biden said in an evening speech to the nation. “We the people voted. Faith in our institutions held. The integrity of our elections remains intact. And so, now it is time to turn the page. To unite. To heal.”

California’s 55 votes put Biden over the top, clearing the 270-electoral-vote mark that affirmed he would be the nation’s next president.

Biden received 306 total electoral votes to handily beat President Donald Trump, who had 232 electoral votes. The Democrat had topped the incumbent Republican by more than 7 million in the popular vote nationwide.

The Electoral College took on added importance this year because of Trump’s refusal to concede he lost his race for re-election.

Heightened security was in place in some states as electors met on the day required by federal law, with masks, social distancing and other virus precautions the order of the day.

The results will be sent to Washington and tallied in a Jan. 6 joint session of Congress.

Biden renewed his campaign promise in his evening speech to be a president for all Americans, whether they voted for him or not, and said the country has hard work ahead on the coronavirus and economy.

But there was no concession from the White House, where Trump has continued to make unsupported allegations of fraud.

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  1. Democracy HAS won and King Trump has been officially deposed. He will forcefully be removed from the People’s House on January 20. 2021 by the will of the American people. Meanwhile, his bereaved multitude of the Cult of Trump will suffer and moan until they are made to accept a reality that is not a fabrication of a Trump made up alter-universe.

    1. Tyranny, Corruption, Totalitarianism HAS been defeated, and this time not by American soldiers fighting against Hitler and Mussolini, but by Americans willing to depose a would be king and Despot through a fair and Democratic election. God Bless America!

      1. You’ve got it backwards little girl. Pick up a book and actually read it. It will do you some good. Then maybe, just maybe you can move out of your mom’s basement, get a job and actually earn a living.

        1. Sounds like the only three books you’ve ever read are Hitler’s Mein Kampf, Machiavelli’s The Prince, and Trump’s Art of The Deal, granny dear. Try reading something where the protagonist is not a self-serving, Narcissistic, Megalomaniac, Nativist, Psychotic, Imbecile.

    2. OriginalMAGAturd, you are an embarrassment to all educators. You must really suck at your job and hated by staff and students alike. There’s no way an educator who’s as bigoted and narrow-minded as you can make a positive impact by any stretch of the imagination. You know a lot about tyranny, corruption, and totalitarianism because that’s how you like to treat your students and people, in general. You are a repulsive human being.

  2. Even in his sleep King Trump will mutter over and over: I won, I won, I won, while the world around him passes him by. The Mad King will always believe that he could not LOSE and his Court Jesters will one by one abandon him until he sits alone cursing his loss. Worse than a Shakespearean Tragedy, and better than a Vaudeville act put on by bad actors, this story is one that no one ever thought would ever be written.

  3. Have some Mike and cookies????? No, you have some Mike and cookies. Wait till Mike finds out you have a crush on him. He will invite you over for a Pegging session. Granny maga and Mike forever!!!!!!!

    1. Milk……unlike most people on this site, my error was a typo. Liberals mistakes Really caused by them being iitrate but leave it to you to make it something disgusting. Typical low life liberal scumbag.

  4. Now, we need to concentrate on two things: 1) getting the orange buffoon into prison where he belongs for all the evil he perpetrated while in office, and 2) making sure Ossof and Warnock win the Senate race in Georgia.

  5. …and regarding the Pussygrabbing Freak, he prooooooobably won’t go to prison because that would be too much of a stain on the US history of American presidents. Even though the Pussygrabber deserves going to prison because of his banana Republic crimes and behaviors, America will find a way to punish him without seeming to have a merciless criminal justice system like many Authoritarian nations around the world have. A few million dollars fine and barring him from running for any elected office ever again would be more than fair.

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