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Trump administration projects virus death toll to nearly double

President Trump
Fox News via CNN
President Trump speaks during a Fox News program at the Lincoln Memorial.

WASHINGTON, DC -- As he prepares to travel across the country to Arizona on Tuesday, and with Monday another day without a coronavirus task force briefing, President Donald Trump is continuing to use other venues to highlight what he insists is his administration's strong response to the deadly pandemic.

Yet, even as he pushes for the country to reopen, internal Trump administration projections indicate the daily death toll will nearly double. They estimate that about 3,000 Americans will die from the coronavirus every day by June 1, according to Centers for Disease Control documents obtained by the New York Times.

The increased estimates come as states have eased restrictions and after a weekend many Americans spent outside at protests or enjoying spring days in the park. Florida, Colorado, Indiana, Nebraska, South Carolina and West Virginia, among others, moved to loosen restrictions in an attempt to revive a sputtering economy and calm restless residents.

But the projections make clear that these reopenings come with fatal risks.

“It’s simple logic,” CNN’s senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen said. “When you tell people, ‘Hey, you can go to bars, you can get your nails done, you can go to a restaurant,’ those numbers are going to go up.”

Trump himself conceded that the U.S. death toll may reach 100,000 lives, as opposed to the roughly 60,000 "minimum number" he had touted as a success.

"I'll tell you one thing. We did the right thing and I really believe we saved a million and a half lives," Trump said during. "It is horrible to go through, but it is working out."

Despite the rising death toll, Trump is pressing for governors to speed up reopening, saying, "Some states, I think, frankly, aren't going fast enough." Half the states eased some guidelines over the weekend.

He also said he believes a vaccine could be available by year's end -- something many health experts say is necessary before the nation can safely reopen in full.

During a Fox News interview at the Lincoln Memorial, Trump complained that despite what he calls his successes, he's been treated worse than the assassinated president.

Even as cases in Washington continue to rise, the Senate reconvened Monday, and lawmakers are supposed wear masks and take other social distancing precautions. The standoff over liability protections and fight over aid to state and local governments continues.

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  1. The RNC is most likely responsible for stopping the orange buffoon from appearing at the daily briefings. It was playing right into the Democrats hands. So I guess Fauci and Birx had a way to make him sit down somewhere and shutup.

    1. I doubt it. Trump couldn’t tolerate talking to the leftist media morons. Turned it over to his new press secretary. He just goes to Twitter with his 75 million followers. Orange man bad in your delusional mind. But control that TDS.

  2. Yeah his new press secretary told four lies during her first appearance after making a pledge that she would never lie to the press corp. The administration just has too many problems to cover up with the orange buffoon in charge.

  3. Its really sad that the orange buffoon has so divided the country that we have people actually engaging in infantile rhetoric when the administration’s short comings are brought up. I voted for Obama but when we all saw him sell out to the insurance companies with ObamaCare, Obama supporters cussed him out and the media was on his ass 24/7. Still, we never acted like badly raised children when his shortcomings were revealed. He didn’t lie to cover up his mistakes either. When a person of such low moral character as the orange buffoon can be elected President we need to ask ourselves; what has happened to our country?

    1. Oh I get it. I assume your referring to our President as the orange buffoon? So if I call Obama the big, black turd that would be appropriate then? Let me answer that for you. NO, IT WOULD NOT BE. You don’t have to like YOUR President but you damn well be better respect him or get your but out of OUR country. I bet you were the kind of kid that would call your School Principal all sorts of names after they paddled your sorry little butt and then blamed them for it weren’t you?

    2. Oh and it was your boy Obama who started to “divide” our country. When we started seeing the damage he was doing to our country and started to see how evil the Democratic party was, the Republicans in this country FINALLY started to stand up for ourselves and started becoming visible again. You call it dividing our country, we call it “Patriotism”. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

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  5. THanks for the false headline. Keep up the scare tactics with no substance to the story. You say washington says the deaths will go up but then quote your own medical expert saying it. Man you are pulling out all the stops

    1. You are right wake up. That’s what the liberal media does. Scare tactics for the populous and the unwashed without any back up to their conclusions. They count on ignorance to spread their propaganda and then dare to call it news. Hippocrates.

      1. At Dio mio. Somebody’s mad. You would make a lousy lawyer, loosing your temper like that. By the way, what has Hippocrates have to do with anything. Look it up MENSO. He was a Greek Physician known as the Father of Medicine. Ay,Trumpites. Bright like their moronic leader.

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