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Sunday Moment: ‘I wish I can hug you and tell you thank you,’ El Paso 2nd grader writes letter to his teacher during pandemic

EL PASO, Texas -- Covid-19 put a halt to many college and high school graduations this year, but it's not only high school and college seniors who are sad about the end of the year ending so suddenly.

During the pandemic, El Paso second grader Isaac Holmes found himself missing his Kohlberg Elementary School teacher Mrs. Diaz. He missed her so much that he decided to write her a letter to express how much he missed and appreciated her.

Isaac's mom, Ruth, found the letter in her sons notebook and decided to share it in the Facebook page, Adopt a Teacher.

"I found this today in my 8-yr-old’s work notebook. 😭," her Facebook post read, "This is a prime example of how our teachers have made such an impact in our children’s life. I know this week is extremely hard and emotional for our teachers. But know that you’re not alone. Your students love you and are really going to miss you too! If no one has told you yet, thank you! Thank you for making such a positive impact.
To whoever created this group, thank you! We really appreciate our teachers and they deserve this and more! 🍎."

Isaac's mom sent ABC-7's Iris Lopez a video of Isaac dressed up in his Captain America outfit as he read the letter out loud. In the video, Isaac says that he wrote the letter because he wanted to show his teacher that she was a hero to him. A statement we're sure many young adults can agree with. Teachers are heroes!

Here's a look at the letter written by Isaac:

(Courtesy: Ruth Holmes)
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Iris Lopez

Iris Lopez is a weathercaster and reporter for ABC-7.


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