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Borderland 100 Club donates money to fallen First Responders in El Paso County

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EL PASO, Texas - The Borderland 100 Club is a local non-profit organization that provides financial assistance to fallen first responders. According to the organization's website, the premise for the group to get the donations to the families of the first responders is: "if our community comes together, and 100 people give $100, we can greatly help the financial burdens of the families of our fallen." Within 48 hours, the group will provide a $10,000 check to the family of the fallen responder, and no membership to the club is required.

The Borderland 100 Club provides more than just the financial assistance they give out to families of fallen first responders:

"Our programs are not just the survivor's fund that we have, it is also a line of duty injury. If any of our first responders are injured and their income is affected, we help supplement that income. We also help if they are facing any type of financial tragedy so if they are facing any type of medical illness or having to travel or having medical bills, which unfortunately we have to happen quite often, this is a way our community can show we support them the same way they support our communities every day," said Amanda Middleton, President of Borderland 100 Club.

Although the organization typically provides the survivor's fund checks within 48 hours, the family of recently fallen Texas DPS Agent Anthony Salas has not received the check as of January 28. The reason for the delay is the group has had to provide three $10,000 checks to families of fallen responders due to Covid-19, and their group savings has been severely depleted. Thus, they are still trying to fundraise to provide the Salas family with the check as soon as possible.

Texas DPS Special Agent Anthony Salas recently passed away from his injuries after a car crash in a San Antonio hospital. He was from El Paso.

Michael Short, President of the El Paso Municipal Police Association told ABC-7 how the important work has been for the families, "when you talk to the families when we go with them to receive those benefits, they cannot be thankful enough. Sometimes when an officer is lost in the line of duty it can take up to 3 months to get those befits rolling, and Borderland is very fast to come to their aid. They fill the gap for those families who are in financial hardship and need right now."

ABC-7 was told volunteers from the club have even been willing to let out the dogs, or bring in the mail for families and first responders if they required medical care that would bring them out of El Paso.

If you would like to donate to the Borderland 100 Club to help out the family of Anthony Salas, other fallen first responders, or for financial assistance for any of their other programs, you can do so by going on their website and clicking on the "Membership and Donations" tab.

Katie Frazier

Katie Frazier is an ABC-7 meteorologist and reporter.


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  1. Just sent in my annual donation. It’s a good cause as the death of Tony Salas reminds us. Everyone should contribute generously to this worthy endeavor.

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