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Adopt-a-Teacher El Paso makes sure Borderland educators are appreciated during pandemic

EL PASO, Texas-- Virtual learning has silenced the halls of schools during the worldwide pandemic.

Teachers interacting with their students in-person will not be permitted until next school year.

The current times put a damper on a normally celebrated time, 'Teacher Appreciation Week.'

Marina Sigala, a physical education teacher at Father Yermo School, found a way to remember the educators that have touched a multitude of students lives.

"I was scrolling through Facebook one day and I saw Adopt-a-Teacher San Antonio and thought 'I can do that,'" Sigala told ABC-7.

Within five days, Adopt-a-Teacher El Paso has almost 8,000 members.

El Paso group creator Marina Sigala had to press her fellow teachers and friends into service as the response from the public came in.

The idea is for you post a teachers name and information to the group administrators.  Then other people who are in the group adopt that teacher and send them something that shows appreciation.

Group administrator and teacher Victoria Alvarez-Hernandez got involved with businesses in the Borderland that jumped at the opportunity to help out saying...

"I just kinda threw it out there about businesses joining and from there it took off.  As soon as I posted my husband was doing 20 baskets from his company at Window Depot, right away I just started contacting other people that I know.  A friend at Hardcore Fitness jumped along and said he would do training for teachers.  Garcia's House of Boxing wants to do fitness training boxing sessions for 50 teachers.  I have a friend that is also a promoter for Sun City Events.  He just offered tickets for an event coming up so that's a big surprise we are going to be announcing soon."

Sigala is just happy she can give back to her fellow teachers who are missing their classrooms right now.

"Being appreciated by someone and saying you're an awesome teacher, thank you for doing this for our awesome community, puts a huge smile on any teachers face," she said.

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Wil Herren

Wil Herren is an ABC-7 reporter who covers both news and sports.


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